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silicone & glass dildos

  • feeldoe & share dildos

    These double dildos offer a stimulating and satisfying range of positions and sensations during penetrative play. Both you and your lover can move together and feel more connected during lovemaking. Though designed as a strapless strap-on’s, these dildos are most easily used strapped into a harness.

  • smooth silicone dildos

    Popular silicone dildos for both vaginal and anal penetration, smooth dildos can be hand held or strapped into a harness. Super hygienic and easy to clean these 100% silicone dildos are are long lasting and stimulating.

  • realistic silicone dildos

    The ridges and texture of these gorgeous silicone dildos are stimulating and satisfying, perfect for those looking for a more "real feel" look and shape. These silicone dildos can be hand held or strapped into a harness.

  • g-spot devices

    Designed for more easily massaging and stimulating the G-Spot for women or the P(prostate)-Spot for men, choose from strap-on and hand maneuvered G-Spot tools for mind blowing G & P Spot action.

  • glass dildos

    Glass dildos & sex toys are hugely popular, safe and amazingly stimulating. Super hygenic, shatterproof and elegant, glass dildos require a more gentle approach and make up for this with exquisite sensation. Try heating with warm water or cooling in the champagne bucket!

D.VICE Dildos & Dildo devices

Silicone dildos are designed for penetration, vaginal and anal and can be handheld or popped in a harness for popular strap-on play. Both heterosexaul and homosexual lovers can strap-it-on and indulge in the delights of strap-on sex, check out the D.VICE made harnesses.

Choose from any of the silcone range from D.VICE, Fun Factory, Tantus and other quality manufacturers for the shape, size, colour and style that bests suits your penetrative pleasures.Silicone is non-porous, hypoallergeinc and skin friendly, does not absorb body fluids and is easy to clean.

D.VICE makes a range of quality silicone dildos for your pleasure and enjoyment. All D.VICE dildo devices come with a 10 year guarantee against faults. The D.VICE dildo range of gorgeous shapes and colours are internationally recognised as a quality and sexy brand.

The Double dildo device offers both partners the sensation of fullness and keep you connected during penetrative sex. You can select the size and shape that best works for you and double dildos also fit in some of the D.VICE harnesses.

Glass dildos are highly sensational, super hygienic and simply gorgeous. If you love penetration, vaginal or anal, glass dildos will give you amazing stimulation.


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