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Both men and women around the world choose to engage in anal sex as it can be highly pleasurable and orgasmic. It is still often regarded as a taboo subject in many countries and cultures including our own.

There are many misconceptions and negative myths in society about anal sex, sometimes resulting in poor information and unsatisfactory experiences. Anal intercourse between consenting adults is even illegal in many countries.

Did you know that at D.VICE anal sex 'how to' questions are amongst the most frequently asked.

Many women give feedback that they have had a negative anal sex experience as do many gay men. This is often caused by a lack of understanding about how to ensure anal sex is safe and pleasurable for both people.

It is not uncommon for men in a heterosexual relationship to want their partner to be anally penetrated but they do not want to experience this themselves. One of the most common misconceptions amongst heterosexual men, is that receiving anal pleasure is an indicator of homosexuality.

Who engages in anal sex?

Anal sex should never be painful, it is not bad. It is practiced by people of all sexual orientations both men and women who find it sexually stimulating and arousing. The male g-spot (prostate) is accessed anally through the wall of the rectum and many men experience what they describe as mind-blowing orgasms through p-spot stimulation. Women can also experience anal orgasms and the female g-spot can even be stimulated through the anal wall!

How to make anal sex pleasurable

The first step to pleasurable anal play is good communication with your sexual partner, like all forms of sex, Anal sex must be consensual. If you are tense or unwilling, the anal sphincter muscles will tighten up and it will be uncomfortable or painful on penetration.

Following basic guidelines when you practice anal play will ensure you have many pleasurable ‘bum fun’ experiences.


  • Anal sex it is technically more difficult than vaginal sex and requires some prep and practice before advancing.

  • Lube, lube and more lube makes anal sex a lot more fun and is essential. We recommend using LubeXXX for anal sex as it has long lasting lubricating properties, is hypo-allergenic and compatible with condoms and silicone toys.

  • The rectum differs from the vagina in that there is no stopping point before the lower intestine. Anything inserted up your bum, must have part of it that stays out for easy retrieval. To save yourself an embarrassing trip to A & E, use a sex toy designed specifically for anal play.

  • Anal sex toys should be made of easy to clean materials to ensure good hygiene is maintained and should be strong and for beginners flexible.100% silicone toys are a great place to start.

  • Take your time and start small - fingers, a small silicone butt plug or anal vibrator moving on to larger dildos and a larger dildo or penis if desired once you have mastered the smaller toys and if you are enjoying the experience and want more.

  • It is natural for the sphincter muscles to spasm when penetrated, pause and allow them to relax before try to pop anything in the anus. If this is not working we recommend Apronal, a natural muscle relaxant that is effective, causing the muscles to relax and allow for comfortable penetration.

  • Once you have a toy or finger inside, try moving gently, some people like the feeling of fullness, others enjoy the stimulation of movement. Add more lube as you need it.

  • If you get the urge to push the toy out -this often happens at the point of orgasm too - don't fight it, allow it to happen, it is perfectly normal. You can try again another time.

  • If you are the receptive partner, your partner needs to know that pushing you to the point of discomfort or pain, may make you not want to try again. This is quite a common response where anal sex is rushed.

Recommended sex gear for anal play

  • To find out more about the 'how to's' of pleasurable anal sex we recommend The Expert Guide to Anal Sex and Anal Sex Advanced DVD's. This features real couples having real anal sex under the guidance of a sex instructor. Hot and informative they are a great lead-in to your anal foreplay.

  • D.VICE silicone butt plugs are strong, flexible and hygienic, combined with a good quality lubricant, they come in a range of sizes and shapes and are great for Beginners through to Advanced anal aficionados.

  • Apronal is a natural muscle relaxant for anal play available in spray form. It is applied to the anus a 2-3 minutes prior to penetration.

  • LubeXXX is a silicone and water-based lubricant and is compatible with quality silicone toys. It is hard wearing, slippery and non sticky. Condom compatible.

  • The Unisex Douche is a simple and easy to use douche for gently cleansing the rectum prior to anal play. It helps to reduce the poo factor which can inhibit some people from exploring their anal potential. Read more about anal douching.

  • Prostate massagers are a more advanced anal toy for men. We recommend these for the anally adventurous man who has some experience already and knows he likes anal stimulation. They often lead to mind blowing orgasms and are highly recommended by our testing team and customers.Read more about prostate massage.

  • The Fun Factory Delight is made from medical grade silicone and plastic and is safe for anal and vaginal play. This rechargeable curved vibrator has vibrating and pulsating modes and can be used for anal stimulation even when it is turned off. The Delight can stimulate the male prostate through the front wall of the rectum or a woman's g-spot through the wall of her rectum. 

    The Thrill by We-Vibe was originally designed as a solo g-spot toy for women. Our testing team recommends this as a unisex anal toy, a prostate massager and a g-spot toy for women. Powerful, made with skin friendly silicone and rechargeable, the 'thumb' of the Thrill is very stimulating indeed. The pulsating settings are great for anal...provided you love a good strong sensation.

  • The G-Vibe is a great all rounder as well, a great couples toy to use on each other, the G-Vibe is an excellent slim anal vibrator with a more gentle vibration than the Thrill - multi-speed, rechargeable, flexible and slender, the G-Vibe is a great beginners option and for the woman who wants delicious anal and vaginal or anal and clit or clit and vaginal...the g-vibe is sensational.

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