D.VICE Sex Q & A. I've heard of anal douching, what is it exactly?

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Dear D.VICE Advice,

I’m male and like anal sex. I have heard of douching and I know that it has something to do with cleaning the rectum. 
Does it work? And if so, how?

Thanks - Anon

Dear Anon,

Some people prefer to clean the rectum prior to anal penetration, while not essential to do, it can take away some of the fear of embarrassment over what we call the poo factor with anal sex and douching is a useful method.

It is necessary to empty your rectum prior to anal sex or it could get messy. This can sometimes be off putting for you and more likely your partner. Many people choose to douche anally prior to analingus - oral anal play - and when using sex toys anally to prevent any contact with faecal matter.

A douche consists of a bulb made from soft rubber or plastic. This is hollow and can be easily squeezed with one hand. Attached to this and able to be removed for cleaning is a hollow plastic tube for inserting into the rectum to deliver the water.

A douche or rectal syringe is designed to gently cleanse the rectum using warm water, flushing any faecal matter from the walls of the rectum into the toilet. We do not recommend using soap with the water as this can strip good bacteria from the rectum and cause other problems.

Tips for anal douching

  • Use water that has been boiled and allowed to cool to body temperature (warm) to ensure that it is free from bacteria.
  • Squeeze the bulb of the douche, sucking the water up into the bulb as it inflates. Then squeeze the bulb until water comes out the end of the tube, and then suck the water up again. This will ensure the douche is full and no air remains in the bulb. The douche will hold approximately a cup of water.
  • Apply a little water-based lubricant to both the tube and the anal opening.
  • Insert the tube into your rectum, pausing if you feel discomfort, and allow your sphincter muscles time to relax.
  • Once the tube is inserted, gently squeeze the bulb to allow the warm water to flow into your rectum. It’s a good idea to use both hands for this to ensure the maximum amount of water goes in.
  • It is not necessary to hold the water in your rectum. Simply sit on the toilet and push gently so that the water flows out. This procedure can be repeated if you feel it is necessary.

The amount of water used to douche is designed to cleanse the rectum only, and not the bowel. Some people also like to douche after anal sex, or to incorporate the douching process as part of anal play together.

Over-douching can be harmful

It is important not to over-douche as this area is naturally cleansed every day through a normal bowel motion and does not actually require regular washing. Eating a healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables and fibre is likely to result in more regular bowel movements allowing you to plan your anal adventures around a clean rectum.

If you are interested in finding out more about pleasurable anal play we recommend the Expert Guide to Anal Sex and Advanced Anal Sex DVD’s. These are real people having real anal sex (generally heterosexuals but not always) under the guide of sex instruction Tristan Taormino and are both informative and sexy.

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