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Dear D.VICE Advice,

My boyfriend is really into anal...me doing him. We have been exploring anally for a few months and not long ago got a strap-on. I was totally turned on and loved fucking him up the arse but now I am struggling no to feel grossed out by so much poo. Why is this happening and what can we do.

From No_Poo_Please

Dear No_Poo_Please

Faecal matter (poo) during anal sex can be off putting, particularly if it happens frequently and there is a reasonable amount. During anal penetration you can expect to come into contact with a little poo occasionally which usually is not to much of a problem.

However, a lot of poo is going to be a turnoff for most people. It’s important that you and your boyfriend can talk freely about this, so that you know his rectum is empty prior to an anal session. He needs to take responsibility for organising  his bowels and his reward will be a jolly good rogering...more often. Sex play needs to be mutually pleasurable, and it is a relatively straightforward to work out a way to minimise the poo factor.

With a healthy diet and normal bowel function, bowels would normally be emptied once or twice a day. This is a rough guide only. For a healthy bowel the rectum will fully empty with each bowel movement. However, if you do not eat a healthy diet or if you experience issues such as constipation or overly loose bowels, this may not be the case.

Some people choose to douche prior to anal sex in order to ensure that the rectum is fully clean. A douche gently squeezes warm water into the rectum, which you then evacuate, along with any remaining faecal matter making it more likely that you will not encounter much poo during anal sex.

Sex positions can also affect how much poo you will encounter. A common position for anal penetrating a man is rear entry with him on all fours, this provides deep penetration and is more likely to bring you into contact with poo.
Try missionary position with his hips propped up on a pillow. This can be very pleasurable as the dildo can stimulate the prostate through the anal wall, an upward curving dildo is best. A dildo that is short is less likely to trigger the involuntary reflex that moves faecal matter through the colon. Width rather than length or a ribbed or rippled dildo will give more stimulation, rather than a greater length.

Condoms, latex or vinyl gloves, are disposable and can help keep things clean and using silicone toys that do not absorb body fluids is essential for good hygiene.

Top priority is getting your guy to be organised to clear his system before anal session so you can return to your turned on state while pegging your boyfriend.
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