D.VICE Sex Q & A. Will erection pills be ok for a man with a heart condition?

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Dear D.VICE Advice,

My husband has diabetes and a heart condition, we hardly ever have sex and have tried a lot of concoctions, supplements etc. We are considering using Bona but I have heard that some of the herbal erection pills can be bad for the heart. Would Bona be ok for him? I am getting very frustrated and want something that will work.

Thanks, Anon

Dear Anon 

Bona may not be suitable for your husband and few of the natural products are safe for men with a heart condition to use. He will need to check with his physician.

If he is cleared to use them then he will to take care not to exceed the recommended dose of one capsule per 24 hours. Bona contains Tong kat Ali, Macuna Pruriens, Tribulus Terrsetts, Ginko Biloba Epimedium, Ginseng, Wild Yam, Lycium, Cistanche Deserticola Ma, Schisandra Fruit, Raspberry, Semen Euryales, Pona Fungus, Longan Ari and L-Arginine.

Diabetes can cause erection problems

For men, diabetes can cause erection problems as nerve and blood vessel damage can prevent blood flowing naturally to the penis. While some natural erection pills are fine for men with diabetes to use, a heart condition or high blood pressure will almost always rule this option out. There are some safe alternative options for men who are not able to take any type of erection pill.

Safe and effective alternatives to erection pills are available

The product we recommend is EDOil  which has a unique blend of natural oils designed to maximize the blood flow to the penis. This is designed to be applied to the penis every day (either morning or night), and it gradually penetrates the skin. EdOil is made from all natural ingredients: the first pressing of Castor Oil, Sweet Almond Kernel Oil, and 100% Pure Jojoba Oil and does not have any contra-indicators for heart conditions.

A penis pump is also an effective device which used regularly - 3 times per week- helps to improve blood flow to the penis and can be used alongside the EDOil. Combined with a cock ring which is place at the base of the penis once the penis is erect or semi erect to maintain the erection, penis pumps when used correctly will not cause any adverse reaction.

We have some step by step information about using a penis pump and recommend he takes a look. Penis pumps have been available for decades and technology has improved significantly in the last 2-3 years. We recommend Bathmate as a particularly effective brand which an be integrated into yr husband's shower or bath routine.

New vibrator for men that helps with ED issues

A new vibrator for men called the Pulse has it's origins in the medical treatment options for men with erectile dysfunction (ED) and vibrates to stimulate the penis to an erect state. The Pulse is arousing, fun and helpful. We like to describe this type of sex toy as a men's health product with major sex benefits.

It does take a bit of practise getting the hang of which combinations are right for him. And of course and interest and willingness to part in such activities is essential.

Sex is more than intercourse

It is good to remember also that sex doesn't need be focused on intercourse. There are plenty of  sexual activities that can be sexually satisfying for both of you such as oral stimulation, your husband can use fingers or a vibrator for internal and clitoral stimulation. If you are both open to trying some other activities that you may have previously considered foreplay or not tried before, and exploring those further, you can have a lot of fun and pleasure.

If intercourse is your preference, there is the option for your husband to wear a strap-on dildo to simulate intercourse and provide you with this type of sexual experience.

There are some great 'how to' DVD's called the Expert Guides that explore many of these sexual techniques that are real people having real sex (differentiated from porn stars), which are informative and arousing and a great way to get started on what could be a whole new sexual adventure for you as a couple. I recommend the guide to female orgasm and guides to oral sex fellatio and cunnilingus.

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