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Erection Issues

Having difficulty achieving, maintaining your erection?

For women anorgasmia or preorgasmia, which is not being able to achieve orgasm, is the most common issue in relation to female orgasm, and for men it tends to be difficulty in achieving and maintaining erections and also premature ejaculation.
There can be many different causes of erection issues including physical and emotional causes, particularly stress, health and well being.
Performance anxiety can affect a man's ability to achieve and maintain an erection which there’sand while there are a lot of jokes about sex and male performance there can be an expectation that men are responsible for both their own and their partner’s sexual pleasure.

Men are often expected to be in the driver's seat sexually and for some men the weight of sexual pressure is too much. This pressure can come from society, men themselves and from women also.

I’ve spoken to a few young men who are actually quite freaked out about having their first penetrative experience, worried about their own performance. So instead of their first sexual experience being all about mutual pleasure and discovering what kind of sensations they might enjoy with a partner, they feel there’s pressure for them to know actually what to do. I think that society is potentially responsible for that and it’s really important for us to look at sex for men in a much more positive way and for us all to be sexually responsible for our own pleasure.

The influence of pornography on sexual behaviour

Many young men find out about sex through watching pornography. Because they have little or no actual sexual experience they do not always realise that pron is not real life. It is actors, chosen for the size of their cock or boobs and that the sex portrayed in porn is often not 'real' sex or not pleasurable real sex and  often not sex for those with no sexual experience.

Porn doesn't show you the warm up to some of those sexual positions and can make a technically and emotionally challenging sexual activity, like anal penetration, look easy to do.
Young women I speak to talk about their boyfriends trying to shove their cock up a girl's arse, no lube, no warm up, because this is something they have seen on porn, where the women seem to love it. 
Many young women are co-opted into watching porn, or may want to watch porn with their boyfriends and may believe that this is what sex is for a woman, even when they may try it and find it unpleasant, painful or un-stimulating.

How to achieve erections

If you struggle to achieve an erection there are a number of options open to you, regardless of age. Using a penis pump can be really helpful, this is a cylinder you place over your penis and it creates a seal at the base of the penis, using a hand pump you create a vacuum. This encourages more blood into the erectile tissue, it dilates the blood vessels and  can be really really beneficial in helping to achieve erection.

If you pump regularly, like a daily workout, and that’s about 15 minutes 3-5 days a week, you can increase size as well.
So you pump regularly and it dilates the blood vessels so it means that you can bring more blood into your erection and also can increase the width slightly, width and girth, and also with extended use it can slightly stretch the suspensory ligament, which means that you can bring more blood into your erection increasing the length as well.

When a guy is going to getting an erection or a hard-on, the blood enters through the arteries inside the shaft and when the erection is going to go down it leaves through the veins on the outside, and so what a cock ring is doing is actually holding that blood in the erection.
So it’s putting pressure on the base of the pneis or penis and testicles,  preventing the back flow of blood from the erection and also puts pressure on the tube where the semen travels. A cock ring can actually delay ejaculation and prolong erection. 

We also recommend EDOil, a natural erection aid that is massaged daily into the penis, EDOil is a vasodilator and increases blood flow to the penis. Most men notice the improvements within a couple of weeks of  using EDOil daily and find their erections firmer and some men find it easier to achieve erections with quicker recovery times.


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