D.VICE Sex Q & A. Is the Naughty Bunny good for a guy as well?

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What is the Naughty Bunny vibrating cock ring really like?

Question; My friends are raving about the Naughty Bunny. Is it really popular, and does it work, and is it good for the guy too?

D.VICE Sexpert Answers;

The Naughty Bunny vibrating cock ring is a top selling toy at D.VICE. It is a simple, stimulating and fun sex toy and great for beginners. The Naughty Bunny has a soft stretchy phthalate free ring designed to stretch and fit around the penis, it can also go around a dildo or a vibrator as well, and it vibrates.
The whole ring vibrates with most of the vibration near the bunny ears where the removable bullet is located. You can push against that for clitoral stimulation, as the soft material is comfortable.

I think one of the reasons that it is so popular is that it’s not particularly intimidating, it’s quite fun, it’s pretty cute and it’s definitely a great toy for couples.
It’s an excellent toy if you are  thinking of introducing sex toys into your lovemaking but don’t know how your partner is going to react.
There are a  lot of great reviews on the website, a few people have said after a while they just ditch the bunny and just use the bullet which is multi-speed with a cord that attaches to a control unit. It takes 2x AA batteries.
There’s actually a great review where a couple won a big prize pack from us and decided to go through and try all the toys and didn’t know how the bunny was going to go, and the guy was a bit dubious about wearing it and apparently after she’d had like her 3rd multiple orgasm all she could say was “the bunny stays!!”

Is it good for the guy? Well vibrating cock rings are designed to give stimulation to both the wearer and the recipient and the bunny has quite a soft stretchy ring so it’s not going to give firm pressure around the base of the penis like an adjustable cock ring but it is going to give vibration, so it will definitely give the guy some sensation.

If you really want to step up and give both you and your guy a lot of stimulation, i would recommend the We-Vibe 4 Plus. This will stimulate both of you, and you wear it during intercourse.

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  • We love this toy. Extremely pleasurable for my wife but also works really well to prolong my erection and slow down ejaculation. Even after ejaculation it usually maintains my erection and keeps things humming along. A toy for mutual enjoyment and I can’t recommend it enough for the man too.

    Aaron on

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