D.VICE Sex Q & A. Any tips for making condom use pleasurable?

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When I use condoms I find them overly tight fitting and this affects my pleasure, any tips?


I find condoms uncomfortable to wear, they seem overly tight fitting and affect my pleasure. Any tips on how to alleviate this? And can you give me some info about the female condom?

D.VICE Sexpert Replies;

Condoms do come in different sizes and shapes depending on the brand, so it is worthwhile trying out different options to see what works best for you. A standard sized condom has a nominal width of around 53mm. However brands like Shield and Glyde have a size range from Narrow Fit 49 mm to 60mm nominal width which seems to be the largest size available in NZ.
Glyde has tow larger size options Maxi = 56mm and SuperMax = 60mm.
The Glyde range are ultra sheer in texture -so quite thin and are also vegan and not tested on animals, so a good brand and very affordable.

We always recommend using a condom safe lube with condoms (all the lube we stock are) as this reduces the risk of the condom breaking from friction and makes sex more comfortable and pleasurable for you and your sexual partner. You will find with reduced resistance on the outside of the condom, it is likely to be more comfortable to wear.

The female condom is quite a different condom in that it is designed for women to wear, they are not that easy to get hold of in NZ. The main brand is Femidom, this female condom is inserted vaginally so that it lines the vagina. It is a lot bigger than a male condom and it is made out of polyurethane which is excellent for people who have latex allergies. (There are also non-latex condoms for men).The Femidom is stronger than a latex condom.
The thing with the female condoms that people seem to say is that because it’s actually lining the vagina there can be a little bit of air build up and so there can be quite a sound kind of effect, bit of kind of squelching air sound which can be a little bit off-putting, and the other kind of unfortunate thing is they’re a lot more expensive than male condoms and not nearly as readily available as well.

But if you are a guy who finds that condoms are really uncomfortable for you and you cant find one that fits comfortably a female condom may be the answer so I’d definitely recommend trying that.

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