D.VICE Sex Q & A. Is sex giving me a UTI?

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I get reoccurring Urinary Tract Infections after having intercourse, is it because of the sex?

D.VICE Sexpert Answers:

This is actually quite common and what tends to be the cause is basically friction and pressure against the opening of the urethra, if you’re having a lot of quite hard sex or hard intercourse it can actually,  cause a little bit of trauma to the urethra and particularly if you’ve got even a half full bladder what that may result in is a urinary tract infection.

What I would recommend in this case, it can happen for all women but quite a few women I have spoken to have been quite slim and so they haven’t actually had as much kind of padding on the mound of Venus so to speak, and so what I would recommend is always emptying your bladder before sex, that’s definitely a good idea anyway and we recommend it for G-Spot stimulation as well. Also going to the loo after having sex as well.

Well I think that definitely drinking water to make sure that your body is flushing out, if you drink a glass of water before sex you’re potentially going to have a full bladder, so it may not have the right impact, so I think having an empty bladder, going to the loo after sex and also washing after sex as well could be a good idea.

Actually jumping up and having a shower or bath before you go to sleep would be a good idea. Also trying different positions that don’t put as much pressure on that area, so woman on top would definitely be a better position, or penetration from behind, so that doesn’t put any kind of pressure on that area at all, also from the side, like spooning together as well so that would be an option to try.

Whilst you do have a urinary tract infection, if you are still going to engage in penetration, I would not engage in any kind of missionary position at all, or sex that puts pressure on that area.

And always use a lubricant as well, like using a good, hypoallergenic lubricant really natural such as Probe or Bonk which is the organic aloe vera based lubricant.

A lot of people don’t tend to use lubricant and I still often hear from women “I don’t have that problem” “It’s not actually something I need to do” even if you have a lot of natural lubrication can mean that penetrative sex is much more pleasurable and it can prevent things such as friction trauma to the area.

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