D.VICE Sex Q & A. Keeping the Poo out of Anal Sex

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I love taking it up the arse, (my boyfriends cock) after he has fucked me senseless vaginally, but find the mess a bit off putting, what can I do?


 Is there any way to stop faeces coming out when I’m having anal sex?

D.VICE Sexpert Answers:

This is a good question. I think in relation to anal play people are often really concerned about contact with faecal matter, it’s a fact that the anal area, whilst it’s an incredibly erogenous zone and high concentration of nerve endings for both women and men, it is also the area of evacuation and basically, yep, that’s where it comes out.

You do need to be really practical. Engage in anal penetration when you have emptied your rectum, and if you haven’t, your rectum is going to be full and so it’s actually not a) safe or b) particularly pleasurable to have anal penetration when you have a full rectum. 

Many people are quite unaware of their whole kind of digestive processes and timing need so this may be something to become more aware of. Do make sure that you have actually emptied your rectum before you engage in anal play.

You can douche before you engage in anal penetration. A douche is a small bulb that you fill with warm water and a little plastic tube that you insert  into the rectum and it flushes the faeces out, So you don’t need to use any douching solutions or soap at all, you just make sure that you use warm water, and its different from an enema which actually sends a much larger amount of water actually up into the intestine.A douche is designed to do is just clean out the lower rectum, which is the area that you do engage with when you’re having anal play.

 I think that with anal play it’s really important to experiment initially with something that’s small, such as a finger in a latex glove, or a small butt plug, because sometimes when you go to penetrate the anal area or when you have something in the anus, your body will naturally push it out and those muscles can contract quite strongly, and potentially move faecal matter down to the rectum. It’s really a good idea to kind of learn how to relax your muscles and actually learn how to hold something in there.

A really good way to do that is actually using a rippled butt plug like Jewel or anal beads such as Bendy Beads and the good thing about these is that you insert either of them and it has these really beautiful rippled beads on it, and so you can insert it and then have a little bit of relaxation where the ripple goes in, and then a little bit of stretching, a little bit of relaxation, but this is actually designed to pull out at the point of orgasm, to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles to contract, but it’s a really good way to actually learn to push something out without actually moving faecal matter down, and that is something you can actually learn to do.

So I think it’s just really important to be really sensible with anal play, make sure that you have emptied your rectum, always use lubricant as well, and potentially try something like Apronal which is the anal relaxant spray, which our customers are absolutely raving about, so you combine that with great technique, but I think that people often thing they can just go straight into anal play and experiment with having their partners penis inside them, or like a larger dildo, and I think it’s really important to start off with something small and just learn what your body’s responses are as well.

Ohh and always use plenty of a quality lube for sensational anal sex...LubeXXX is great


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