D.VICE Sex Q & A. How do I keep my Sex Toys clean?

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What should I be cleaning my sex toys with?


Is there a special cleaner I could or should be using with my sex toys?

D.VICE Sexpert Answers:

Ok, toy cleaning. You can purchase various little bottles of toy cleaner, but it really is not necessary to have something that is specifically designed for cleaning your toys.

Depending on what the toy is and what it is made form will depend on how you’re going to clean it.

Any kind of quality silicone toy which both the D.VICE toys and brands such as Fun Factory, Swan and We-Vibe are really quality silicone, and anything that is a dildo, so doesn’t have any vibrating parts, can actually be just washed in hot or warm soapy water, you can use a little bit of very mild antibacterial soap, but you need to make sure you rinse that totally off the toy.

It’s not a good idea to use anything that has a really strong oil base or really perfumed or a chemical cleaner because potentially if you keep some of that on the toy, it can cause some kind of allergic reaction.

With any kind of silicone toys, they will pick up dust, and so it’s really important to store them in a dust free environment, we have some great toy boxes and also some really cool little toy bags that you can store your toys in. So you just need to do that to prevent your silicone toys from picking up dust.

With anal toys, or any toys that you want to share between partners, and talking about silicone toys, you can actually dip them in boiling water, you can put them in boiling water for a couple of minutes and that will actually sterilise them.

With any kind of vibrator, you can actually clean it with a little bit of mild antibacterial soap and water, you just need to make sure that you do not get any water inside the battery casing at all. And so potentially you may just want to wipe your vibrator down, if you’re going to put it under running water you need to make sure that you have your hand around the battery casing, even a vibrator that is waterproof, really, really important not to leave it soaking, and don’t use any really strong, abrasive kind of cleaners on them.

Many of the rechargeable toys are now totally waterproof and can be washed thoroughly in warm/hot water. You should be able to ask about this when you purchase a toy.

I really recommend that you only share toys with a long term committed partner, and using condoms on toys is a really great way to keep them clean as well, that’s definitely one of the easiest ways to keep them clean.

With glass toys obviously you can just wash them in hot soapy water with really mild soap. Sometimes people like to use antibacterial wipes on their toys, I just think it’s really important to make sure that there’s no kind of residue left on the toy at all, and letting them kind of air dry as well is a really good idea, as opposed to wiping them with a towel, so that you don’t get any fluff on them.


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