Sex Toys as Christmas Presents

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All I want for Christmas is a sex toy! 

How would you feel about receiving a sex toy from your partner as a Christmas present? For some people peeling back the obligatory reindeer themed wrapping paper to reveal a new pleasure device would be a huge turn on. A sex toy gift from your partner can be a hugely empowering experience, an affirmation that your significant other sees you as a hot sexual being and is validating your right to sexual pleasure. They may have summer holiday bed romps in mind and be keen to use your new toy together. It may be the perfect sex toy for you, one you’ve always wanted but just never quite got around to purchasing or a brand new design you have never heard of that ticks many of your sensation requirement boxes. It may have been given with playful intent, as a sign of commitment or as a way of communicating about what sensation they’d like to explore more with you.

However how does the sex toy giver know that their best intentions will be received positively? What if you receive a sex toy for Christmas and it doesn’t feel like a positive empowering experience for you? Maybe it’s a toy that you feel you’d never use or it feels like there will be an undesired pressure to have sex? It might just be that you like buying your own sex toys or you like sex toy shopping as a couple. Whatever you bent on receiving sex toys as a present, it is a present that carries a certain amount of risk for the giver. The result could be fabulous or put a damper on your festive celebrations. Below are some tips for ensuring firstly that you choose the perfect pleasure device gift, and secondly that it is received in the way you intended.

  • What is your intuition about how a sex toy gift would be received by your lover? Do you feel that delicious sense of anticipation knowing they will be thrilled to open their new toy, or is there a sense of unease that leaves you playing out negative present opening scenarios in your head?
  • When and where will you partner open the present? Make sure it is not going to be in an inappropriate situation such as the family present opening session. For most people, even the most extrovert sexual beings –privacy is paramount for sex toy present unwrapping.
  • Consider if Christmas is the best time for giving your lover a sex toy? Do you think even secretly they have a toy at the top of their wish list or would they relish the surprise factor? For some people receiving a pleasure device may feel like a more intimate occasion, perhaps a birthday, Valentine’s Day or anniversary.
  • Think carefully about what sex toy ticks their pleasure enhancing boxes. If they’ve been talking about wanting to try a We-Vibe 4+ for ages, or you know they’ve been lusting after the latest Lelo or Fun Factory you will know what to get. If not you’ll need to think about clues they have given you to find the perfect toy. A voucher is always another option, and perfect for those who love to choose everything themselves.
  • What kind of sexual sensation do they enjoy the most? Have they given you clues to things they would love to try, such as bondage or anal play. Has he mentioned reading an article online about prostate play and said he’s like to try it?
  • One option is to casually leave a D.VICE catalogue lying around or invite them to look at toys online with you. If you are tricky you can engineer displaying a selection and gauge their reaction to different types and styles of toy.
  • Make sure you have some basic facts laid down. Does your partner love clitoral stimulation, G-spot or anal? Does vibration get them off or would they love a sizeable realistic dildo to use for both solo and couple play.
  • The more detective work you can do to ascertain what sex toy would be a great match, the more likely you are to be greeted with a delighted smile, and potentially some hot sex play (although of course this is not the goal just a bonus!).
  • Sex toys cannot be exchanged due to health reasons so if you are really not sure a voucher is a great option. At D.VICE shops lingerie may be exchanged if unworn –make sure you request an exchange card.

Let go of expectation around how your gift of sex gear will be received, and if you’d love to receive a toy yourself drop some obvious hints so your stocking is filled with fun too.

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