D.VICE Advice. Anal Sex for Lesbians, a 'how to' session

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I am in a newish lesbian relationship- we have been together over 2 years.

My partner and I recently started experimenting with anal sex. I love it!
We have tried butt plugs, vibrators and dildos. We both use a strap-on, like wear it, so get to give and receive.

But most of all I love being anally penetrated.

We started with Babe the D.VICE silicone dildos, and have progressed through Queenie, Princess and have recently purchased Boss and Sire. 

We have a Groover leather strap-on harness made by D.VICE. It is hard wearing, quick to get on and off and the dildo ring can be swapped out for a bigger ring when Sire D.VICE silicone dildo comes out.

I keep a D.VCE made Fervour harness and a dildo and lube in an emergency kit in the car. In case unplanned sex is required...now I am sounding  like a show off!

The D.VICE smooth silicone dildos are really great for those times when  for whatever reason, it is harder to relax and let go, also for warming up for a bigger cock in my arse.
I really love the ridges of Boss once I am really aroused and have had a warm up with a smaller dildo. 

We rarely start with anal as it is soo much better when I really am desperate for it. Being wet and aroused makes it much more of a turn on, it is easier to do and I can take a bigger clock. Also I can go for longer.

We both find coming first helps slow things down so we can take the time for a long and intense anal fucking session.
When I am really aroused I find my anal sphincter relaxes more so I don't get spasming and also somehow the anus seems to elongate so I can take Sire, which I love the most.

Sire silicone dildo is not for everyone, but if you want to feel a long, ridged, firm dildo up your arse...then Sire is king. We use heaps of lube and I like to time anal sex for after I have cleared my bowels, make things a lot easier.

I like to get started by sucking my lover's dildo/cock. I have been practising taking her in without gagging, again being aroused makes this easier.
The D.VICE Advice article about how to give a blow job without gagging - really helped my technique.
Both being women is great as I can combine licking her clit and finger fucking her whilst sucking her strap-on cock.
Sometimes this leads to me pushing my fist into her. Often she fucks me vaginally hard and fast, dipping her cock into me with shallow thrust till I beg her to go deeper, longer.
Doggy style is great as I love her grabbing my hips and slapping into me. She knows I am ready for a good arse fuck because I tell her.

For anal sex good communication is everything. With past lovers where I didn't have the confidence to say what I wanted it was sometimes painful as I wasn't ready.
We normally start smaller, often with a handheld dildos so she can gauge what size I can take and when.

I really like the intimacy and close body contact of strap-on sex  I really like every anal position we have tried. Missionary, Doggy Style, Spooning, Bend over Girlfriend. In a sling, in bed, over a chair in the shower. As long as there is plenty of lube.
I fantasize about the idea of 2 strapped up lovers, riding one while my girl does me anally, even maybe a third that i suck off. Haven't worked out if fantasy might be better than reality yet. Something to consider.

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