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JimmyJane make sex toys focused on women's arousal and orgasm

JimmyJane is a quality vibrator maker and was an early adopter of skin friendly and body safe medical silicone sex toys at a time when most sex gear was made from poor quality, porous materials.

Decades on and JimmyJanes innovative and women focused sex toys are still leading the way.
These smooth and sensual vibrators have strong and quiet motors with various shapes designed for g-spot, internal, clitoral and nipple stimulation.
JimmyJane vibrators come in a range of appealing colours and are affordable too.

JimmyJane is a good fit with the the D.VICE philosophy of providing quality sex gear for every day people with a focus on skin friendly, easy to clean and long lasting sex toys.

The intro range are excellent for beginners and seasoned sex toy users alike. This range is all battery operated, keeping them in the more affordable price bracket and with many of the features and benefits of the rechargeable vibrators.

There are JimmyJane vibrators for stimulating the clitoris, g-spot, for vaginal stimulation and vibrating Rabbit styles for all round orgasmic pleasure.
D.VICE offers a 12 month warranty against faults on the JimmyJane vibrator range.

Lube is essential to a quality of lube used is also important.
Silicone vibrators require a water based lube to maintain the quality of the silicone surface. This is also part of the warranty requirement.

Many silicone or oil based lubes can damage the surface of any vibrator and should not be used.
Not all lubes are equal and not all water based lubes are pleasant to use.

Some women react to chemicals in poor quality brands leading to a burning or stinging sensation.

At D.VICE we have been selling quality lubricants for over 20 years and stock hypoallergenic lubricants that perform as they should and that are compatible with sex toys as well as being great for sex without toys.

We recommend using Probe hypoallergenic lube or organic brand Love Lube. Check out this article for more in-depth info about lube and recommended brands.



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