D.VICE Sex Q & A. Can G-Spot Stimulation Cause UTIs?

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I’ve been focusing on g-spot stimulation both by myself and with my partner and now have developed a UTI. Could they be connected?

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Could g-spot exploration be causing my Urinary tract infection?

D.VICE Sexpert Answers

It’s deeply frustrating developing a UTI after some focused penetrative exploration but not uncommon. The g-spot which is more an area rather than an actual spot stimulates the skeins gland along with the erectile tissue on the upper vaginal wall. The urethra passes right through this area and exits just below the clitoris (top hole and cock for trans folk, or whatever terminology feels right for you).

So the answer is yes; focused stimulation of the g-spot area can potentially result in developing a UTI, as can any penetrative play with penis, dildo/toy or fisting.  As firm pressure is required (and feels great) for g-spot stimulation along with stimulation from friction the likelihood is somewhat increased. That said, experimenting and enjoying focused and regular g-spot stimulation and other forms of penetrative play does not have to result in an uncomfortable UTI…there are ways to minimise the risk.

If you do suspect that you are developing a UTI or feel an uncomfortable sensation around the bladder, stinging or ache when you pee and after, then abstaining from any penetration until the symptoms have fully cleared is important.

Sometimes when people are exploring the g-spot area they enjoy the sensation of having a full bladder and find this aids ejaculation. However having a full bladder during penetration does seem to increase the likelihood of developing a UTI…so empty your bladder prior to sex play AND probably more importantly empty your bladder soon after. Sometimes the last thing you feel like doing in a blissed out post sex play state is going to the loo, but it is definitely a good idea.

Other things to be mindful of are using a quality water based natural lubricant such as Probe or Love Lube and avoid any lube that contains flavouring as these can cause irritation or a stinging sensation. Lube allows for smoother penetration and reduces friction.

It’s important to avoid any bacteria entering the urethral opening and so if sexual fluids or saliva have come into contact with your external bits during play, gently washing with a clean warm cloth after sex play is a good idea if you don’t feel like jumping in the shower. Ensure all sex toys and hands are clean, and using condoms on toys and penis, along with gloves and lube is a good idea.

Just generally to avoid developing a UTI make sure you drink a good amount of water, moderate your caffeine, alcohol and sugar intake…and the moment you feel like a UTI is in the wind take some steps to start treatment promptly. Whilst we are not qualified to give medical advice there are options for natural treatment or a 3 days course of a specific antibiotic can be obtained from a pharmacy without a visit to a GP. Do consult a medical practitioner if symptoms do not ease after a few days or pain becomes extreme or is felt in the kidneys.

Stimulation of the g-spot can feel so fabulous it’s easy to just want more, more intense, harder and not want the great feelings to end! Sometimes like all the most pleasurable things a little moderation such as a break of a day or two in between sessions is a good idea as a UTI prevention strategy.

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