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Have you ever used lube and experienced stinging or itchiness either at the time or after sex?

There are so many lubes available on the market that many people are unaware of the difference between brands or types of lube.. 

There seems to be little regulation and perhaps testing of lubes and for those with sensitive bits it can really take the fun out of a sexual encounter.

 So what should you look for when shopping for lube? We recommend avoiding coloured and flavoured lubes. Any sweet lubes are best in the bin.

These are just extra synthetic chemicals and are the most likely to set off a reaction. A lube is ideally tasteless, odourless and colour free.

 Rather than go for the cheapest lube, spend a little more and get a quality lube, likely you will only need a small amount of a good lube which also helps reduce reactions.

A good quality lube can make sex more pleasurable, you can enjoy sex for longer and it can make orgasm easier to achieve. Using lube with condoms ensures they are less likely to break and sex is more enjoyable for both partners.

A hypoallergenic lube will likely have had more laboratory testing and fewer unnecessary additives. Look for a natural preservative such as Probe’s grapefruit seed extract (don’t worry this is not the same as grapefruit itself which can have contra indications with some medications and fertility).

Some plant based lubes can cause a reaction, so when going down the natural or organic route see if you can get a sample if you know you are prone to reacting to lube. At D.VICE we source lubes from lube specialists rather than for example, a vibrator company that also makes lube.

Our number 1 selling lube for over 20 years is Probe lube, available in two consistencies,thick & rich-great for women with little natural lubrication-a natural part of ageing, and silky light- a good all rounder. Both are also suitable for anal sex.
Also in the D.VICE lube line up is Love Lube a NZ made Organic lube with a sensual consistency.
NZ made lube great for sensitivity is Certified Organic Bonk Lube Oil Based lube. Not compatible with condoms.

Another excellent lube making is German company Pjur. D.VICE stocks Pjur Original Silicone Lube, ideal for anal play. We don’t recommend silicone lubes for vaginal penetration despite their excellent lubricating properties as it does not wash off too easily.

 If you are using condoms they are less likely to break with condoms. Remember if you have an allergy to latex, condoms can be the cause of stinging and itchiness too. There are non latex condoms available.

You may be tempted to use no lube, the difference between lubricated sex and sex without can be a game changer for pleasurable sex.




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