Lgbt guides & erotica

LGBT Guides & Erotica

For hot and steamy LGBT erotica written by and for lesbian, trans, Bi and gay men and women or to find out more on how to be a great LGBT lover...look no further.

Erotic fiction

Erotic Fiction

Highly erotic, sexually charged and well written, these short stories are designed to delight, arouse and satisfy the reader. Choose the erotic title to suit your preferences.

Sex guides

Sex Guides

Choose from a selection of informative and stimulating sex guides. Here you will learn techniques and tips for expanding you sexual repertoire to make you a better lover. Your homework will be exciting!

Bdsm sex guides & erotica

Bdsm Sex Guides & Erotica

Here you will find erotically charged short stories of dominance and submission and 'how to' guides for BDSM and bondage techniques.

For the tools to match check out the range available

How to dvd (R18 restricted)

How To Dvd

Expand your sexual repertoire with these "how to" sex DVD's. Informative and sexy you can learn more and practice your techniques to become a better lover. 

Please note this is NOT pornography these are sexually explicit, visually stimulating 'sex how to' - instructional DVD's.

Real people having real sex with a sex instructor on hand to provide tips and tricks and guide them to greater pleasure. Highly recommended.

Gift vouchers

Gift Cards & Vouchers

Gift Cards & Vouchers are the ideal gift for the person who likes to choose their own sex gear and as an engagement or wedding gift, where a toaster simply won't do.


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