Adult Toys for Restoring the Intimacy in Your Relationship

Introducing sex toys into your relationship can be a lot of fun and a great catalyst to restoring intimacy on many levels. Of course sex toys are not a quick fix for all your relationship challenges, but many couples find toys a great way to start talking about sex, experimenting and increasing the pleasure you share together.

There is no denying that in our 21st century busy lives that retaining intimacy as a couple can be a challenge. Sometimes it is hard to create the time to be close together, and with lots of commitments and having a family sometimes even having an adult conversation can be a challenge.

With limited time set aside for sex we often just do what we know, and don't explore how to pleasure each other in new and exciting ways. Let's face it sex can be hard to talk about, and if there is something you would like to be different it takes a lot of courage to broach the subject. Our sexual egos can be hurt so easily and it can be difficult to hear feedback about how we perform sexually. Often having an open and frank discussion can help clear the air and create space for exploring and discussing new options.

Great sex does start at the lips with talking, and adult toys can be a great way to experiment together and to find new ways to share intimacy as a couple. At D.VICE we have the saying 'Couples that play together - stay together. Read on for some ideas about fantastic couples toys.

Couples toys are designed to be used together and to give both people pleasure, either simultaneously or one at a time. At D.VICE we find the term "foreplay" to be really limiting as there are so many different ways to pleasure each other and they don't all have to lead to intercourse. You may find that using a vibrating toy to pleasure each other one at a time works wonders –you can really focus on the others pleasure while you get hugely turned on. All you have to decide is who goes first!

The Trumpeter, and Delight are toys designed for G-spot or P-spot play... so you can embark on the discovering of these erogenous zones together. The We-Vibe 4 is designed to use during intercourse, to stimulate the clitoris, g-spot and the shaft of the penis. Having fun with the Bed Bondage kit can be a lot of fun and introducing a whip such as the Sauna whip can be delightful for caressing pleasure and more intense sensation.

Whichever toys you choose the most important thing is to let go of expectation, have fun and create special time for you as a couple


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