Butt Plug - 5 Important Choices to Make as a Buyer

How do you pick the ideal butt plug when there are so many and available? If you are a beginner, experimenting with a few different styles can help you to work out what will bring you the most pleasure and sensation.

As you gain experience you can push yourself and trial more challenging butt plugs and build on your enjoyment levels.

Knowing yourself and what pleases you either in solo play or with a partner is part of the exciting journey or anal exploration.

Butt Plug: The Basics

1. Long or short - Short butt plugs are designed to stimulate primarily the anus and the sphincter which are full of nerve endings and stimulation can be intensely pleasurable. The longer shaped butt plugs are designed to provide a complete feeling of pressure and fullness which can be enjoyable for both women and men. For men, the p-spot where the prostate gland can be massaged is located approximately 7cm inside the anal canal, towards the belly button. Stimulation of the p-spot can be intense and orgasmic for men. There are many great anal toys designed to stimulate the prostate.

2. Thick or thin - A thicker butt plug will give you a greater sensation of fullness and can be more challenging to insert. A good lubricant is essential-at D.VICE we recommend LubeXXX as the most suitable for anal play, as well as taking you time and you can use a natural anal muscle relaxant such as Apronal or Innuendo to make insertion easier. Thinner butt plugs are easier to slip inside and can be very stimulating as well, thinner models can be better for beginners while the thicker ones can be enjoyed more fully by more experienced users.

3. 100% Silicone or glass - Both these materials are hygienic and safe provided they have been designed for anal use. At D.VICE we choose quality brands to ensure that your butt plug is suitable for anal play. The flared base, wider than the butt plug is essential as the sphincter muscles can pull objects into the anal canal and lower intestine. This can make for a very embarrassing hospital visit. Bars of soap, bottles an jam jars are definitely out.

Silicone butt plugs have a soft/firm smooth surface and are flexible for comfort and ease of use. Glass butt plugs have a silky/hard surface so and create a totally unique sensation. Glass can be warmed or cooled in water for even more pleasure and fun.

Butt Plugs: The Extras

4. Smooth or textured – A textured surface to your butt plug such as ripples or ridges, intensifies the sensation, particularly when removed during orgasm. The smooth surface can be less challenging and is a good option for beginners as you master the art of butt plug play.

5. Vibrating or non-vibrating - A vibrating plug can provide additional stimulation and intensify the sensations. Some may find this too much. A non-vibrating butt plug is likely to be more flexible. Our customers often start with a non-vibrating butt plug and progress to a vibrating option. Quality vibrating butt plugs tend to be more expensive, though there are plenty of poor quality cheap one’s available on the market.

Compare the different sex toys carefully and consider what you like about them. Take your time to pick the best butt plug for you.


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