Choosing Vibrators

The best vibrators have been designed around the wants and needs of the people who use them.

These vibrators have also been test driven, the feedback resulting in fine tuning.

Vibrators create a stimulating sensation that can enable many women to achieve orgasm, often quite easily. Vibrators can be combined with lovemaking with a partner and are truly pleasurable.

The most important benefits that many look for in a vibrator are;

  • Low or no noise
  • A shape and design to stimulate where you like it most
  • Powerful enough to provide orgasmic stimulation
  • A discreet shape that may not look like a vibrator
  • Reliable and easy to clean

Currently the best vibrators are rechargeable, quiet, made from skin friendly silicones or plastics and often shaped to look completely unlike a sex toy. Many of the quality vibrator brands and styles have other features such as a travel lock, are waterproof and light weight.

For beginners or experienced vibrator users alike, choosing quality vibrators will offer you a more pleasurable and stimulating experience than with a poor quality product.

Using and Caring For Vibrators

D.VICE recommends only using a mild antibacterial soap and hot water when cleaning vibrators. We do not recommend using chemical toy cleaners as they may leave a chemical residue.

To prolong the life of battery operated vibrators use only alkaline or super heavy duty vibrators. Remove the batteries when you are not using your sex toys and always remove after use in water if you have splash proof or waterproof vibrators.

If you have rechargeable vibrators, keep them charged after use to prevent disappointment next time around.

For a more pleasurable experience with vibrators we recommend using quality water based or silicone compatible silicone lubricants.

Vibrators Recommended by D.VICE


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