Clitoral Vibrators

Vibrators designed to stimulate the clitoris are possible the most popular type of vibrator the world over. Most women who have achieved orgasm, can orgasm from clitoral stimulation and many have not explored further to discover internal or g-spot orgasms.

  • Some women see penetration as the role of their male partner and do not want their vibrator for penetration
  • Other women find that they do not achieve orgasm during sex with a partner as the clitoris is not easily stimulated during intercourse and want to have a clit vibrator to increase their arousal and bring them to orgasm with their partner
  • Many women find it difficult to express their desire and to tell their partner where they need to be touched for orgasmic pleasure and a vibrator can do the talking for them.

Whatever the reason, these vibrators are designed to stimulate the clitoris, and often around the vaginal opening. They are often compact in size and many of the quality clitoral vibrators are contoured to perfectly sit against the clitoris.

A large number of women lover fairly intense, strong vibration against the clitoris is order to successfully reach orgasm, others may need more gentle vibration... fortunately it is now possible to achieve both intense and gentle all in the one vibrator.

The best clitoral vibrators are rechargeable and have all the features and benefits of a rechargeable toy.

  • Super quiet
  • Elegant & compact
  • Made from hygienic skin friendly materials
  • Pulsating and vibrating pleasure modes
  • 12 month warranty

If you are a beginner to vibrators, we recommend you make your first purchase a quality vibrator that will bring you great pleasure and enjoyment. For many women noise is of great concern and all the rechargeable vibrators are low noise.

For experienced vibrator users, if you haven’t discovered the benefits of rechargeable clitoral vibrators- make the switch now... you won’t be disappointed.

Here are some clitoral vibrator styles we recommend:


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