Common myths and misconceptions about sex toys

Sex toys have been part of different cultures for centuries and ways for giving and receiving sexual pleasure have been explored by humans over this time. Sex, a perfectly natural and biological necessity, became caught up in cultural taboos somewhere in history and still influences our attitudes towards sex and adult sex toys today.

As little as 15 years ago, shopping for sex toys was a secretive and rather unappealing experience particularly for women. We had to brave the cowboy doors, pass all the pornography and point to what looked like it might do the trick on a dusty wall.

Today adult toys have joined main stream culture, they are discussed on TV and radio, there are sex toy awards and a Western woman under 40 is almost considered unusual if she doesn’t own at least one vibrator. However for many, the idea of using an adult toy, while exciting and desirable can still be terrifying.

We still have many people make contact who are too terrified to go into a store - mainly in case someone they know sees them, and who require complete anonymity, fortunately the internet has been liberating for many nervous individuals.

Sex toys for anal play

Adult toys, unlike humans, do not make judgement calls on people. While some, particularly males who may believe that men who use anal adult toys or who have anal sex must be gay or have homosexual tendencies, butt plugs are not bothered by those who use them. People of all genders and sexualities enjoy anal sex, and many men miss out on a lot of sensation because of taboos around this practise.

Likewise, strap-on’s are used by heterosexual and lesbian couples and even some gay male couples, not exclusively by lesbians, many of whom would never use a strap-on.

The increase in awareness and the greater availability of quality adult toys has led to safer sex practises, with more people making informed decisions about who and what they have sex with, and many particularly young men and women, have more sexual self-knowledge - from using sex toys prior to a forming a sexual relationship - to enable them to have more pleasurable and stimulating sexual experiences.

Recommended Brands of Sex Toys


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