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At D.VICE, we have built a reputation for providing honest and reliable service for all customers who shop from us. We are committed to providing a safe and ‘sleaze-free’ shopping experience, backed up with specialty knowledge that you get to access for free.

Here's our easy to understand information about what you can expect when you deal with us. Included are details such as privacy, returns, shipping, our guarantee... and much more. If you have any questions or need personal help, please contact us for friendly service at 
or 0800 SEXTOYS (0800 739 8697)
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About Us

D.VICE is owned by Wendy Lee and Ema Lyon the original pair who started the business in 1997. D.VICE specialises in quality sex gear for adventurous everyday people, both women and men. The company was formed in New Zealand 1998, by Wendy and Ema out of a frustration at not being able to access good sex toys in a comfortable purchasing environment.

From this kernel of an idea D.VICE was formed as a boutique sex toy company manufacturing quality sex gear and retailing through boutique sex shops, party plan and online retail. In September 2015 Wendy & Ema sold D.VICE. In June 2016 they took the company back from the new owner as the deal did not work out. 

D.VICE strives constantly to improve, and work with a committed team of people to bring you honest and excellent services.Sex toys have come a long way since we started, and the quality and selection of toys for both women and men has improved dramatically.

D.VICE offers a warm and friendly service both online and in stores, with a gorgeous range of sex toys designed for your pleasure and enjoyment.

D.VICE offers a warm and friendly service both online and in stores, with a gorgeous range of sex toys designed for your pleasure and enjoyment.

Many of the products are manufactured by our company, with this range constantly evolving. D.VICE Made products are made in our factory in Wellington, New Zealand. We are the only NZ company manufacturing sex toys and thats why D.VICE made products are fully guaranteed, some of them for up to 10 years. Where we can not make the gear ourselves, or where somebody else can do it better, we source from all over the globe, and where possible around the corner.

Supporting local New Zealand business is important to us too, and most edible products are either made in NZ or Australia to ensure quality and deliciousness. You might even see some D.VICE made sex gear in other NZ adult shops.

D.VICE is committed to promoting positive attitudes to healthy sexuality and if you browse around this website or our blog, you will notice there is a lot of  sex related information to help you find out more about differing sexual practices, and to enable you to make informed decisions before you purchase.

Providing good information is a big part of the D.VICE philosophy and we welcome your feedback, we are constantly learning and improving our knowledge ourselves, and are keen to know what you think and how you experienced the toys—both positive and negative. You can post reviews about a product and we use this information to help us make decisions about what works and what products we should order again.

The D.VICE crew are here to help you, whether in-store, at a sex toy party or when you're shopping online. All you need to do is ask! D.VICE staff are friendly and knowledgeable, you can ask any question big or small without fear of being judged. You could be new to sex toys or an experienced player, and if we don't know the answer, we will do the research and find out for you. If you prefer to be completely anonymous you can ask question on the D.VICE blog. 

At D.VICE we want to do our bit to help the environment. We recycle and reuse, we have introduced reusable bags and changed from providing free batteries to selling them to customers as we found stock piling batteries was causing an environmental hazard when they expired and had to be disposed of. We are increasingly sourcing rechargeable toys. The products we make are long lasting, so you won't need to throw them out, and we are increasingly improving the quality of the sex gear on offer, to reduce well as dissatisfaction.

Here at D.VICE we support consenting adults to be themselves. We hope to offer sex gear for people of all sexualities and genders, and to provide a warm and non-judgmental service to all customers.

Welcome to the D.VICE experience. Have fun!


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