D.VICE recommends: Adult toys every man should try

Are you a man who is ready to experiment and get even more pleasure from your sexual life? If the answer is yes, then you should we recommend trying some of the great adult sex toys designed especially for men. As well as being stimulating and pleasurable for you to use, many can enhance your sexual performance and even your sexual stamina.

Men's Adult Toys for Fun Solo Play

Fleshlights are the ideal sex toy for male masturbation. The Fleshlight brand offers a quality masturbator for men with real feel materials, easy to keep clean and stimulating to use. At D.VICE we find Fleshlight is by far the most popular style of masturbator.

A traditional style masturbator such as the Fleshlight is designed to simulate intercourse, the penis is plunged into the textured real feel tunnel of the Fleshlight and the opening is usually shaped on a vulva, mouth or anus. Water-based lubricant is essential and this adds to the natural and realistic sensations. Many Fleshlights are modelled on the vulva or mouth of a porn star and some men collect a range of styles. The Fleshlight comes in a hard outer plastic case making it portable and discreet.

Fleshlights are simple to use and the sensation is totally natural. You can get stunning orgasms every single day and many men find their performance and stamina improves as a 10 minute build up with a Fleshlight can lead to 20 minutes extra performance with a partner.

The Cobra Libre Vibrator for men is an innovative adult toys and rather unique. Most sex toys for men follow specific styles – cock rings, traditional masturbators, prostate massagers etc. The Cobra is an actual vibrator for the penis and is designed for the man looking for more of a sexual challenge. The Cobra Libre can require some practise and may not bring a man to orgasm every time. When it does however, many men find the orgasm to be powerful and deeply satisfying.

Placed over the head of the penis, the 2 vibrating motors throb and pulsate to create the sensation of the penis being massaged and stimulated, without the shaft moving up and down. The Cobra Libre is not for the man looking for a quick way to get off, and is more for the sexual connoisseur. Rechargeable, waterproof and shaped like a car, the Cobra Libre is a discrete and exciting vibrator for a man.

The Cobra Libre can be sued for solo and or for voyeuristic partner play – she/he might like to watch you bring yourself to orgasm or help you get there.

Penis pumps are very popular sex toys for men. A penis pump is widely recognised as the only effective AND natural way to increase penis size. At D.VICE we offer a step by step instruction leaflet with every penis pump purchased to ensure you get the most out of your pump. By following a regular pumping routine, many men find that over time they have improved blood flow, quicker recovery times after ejaculating and wider girth and length. Provided the use of the pump is continuous – frequency reduces over time – these size gains can be maintained.

As most men find using the penis pump to be pleasurable and stimulating, so working out regularly with your pump is sexually rewarding!

Penis Pumps create a vacuum, and gentle pumping forces blood to flow though the penis, engorging and enlarging the volume of the spongy erectile tissue adding to penis width. Regular penis pumping also stretches the suspensory ligament in the penis making it more elastic, allowing the penis to increase in length.

Whilst the results are most noticeable immediately after pumping, gains can be made long term. Hydro penis pumps, such as the Bathmate brand are a more recent additional to the penis pump range and are very effective and popular.

Penis Pumps can be helpful for men with Erectile Dysfunction, enabling them to achieve and erection, which can then be maintained by a firm cock ring, allowing for intercourse with a partner. The D.VICE magazine has a number of articles about penis pumps, simply type the word ‘penis pump’ in the search box at http://magazine.dvice.co.nz or http://magazine.dvice.com.au.

Men's Adult Toys to Share with Your Partner

The cock rings come in a variety of shapes and styles and can be fun and helpful during couples play. A non-vibrating cock ring is slipped over a semi erect penis and traps the blood in the penis when it becomes fully erect. This slows down ejaculation and prolongs orgasm for men and is effective for climax control without loss of sensation – in fact with enhanced sensation. Men often find their orgasms more powerful and satisfying. Not all cock rings are equal however and many are simply a novelty. A good quality and effective cock ring must be able to apply sufficient pressure without discomfort. We recommend the Tantus silicone cock rings or the D.VICE adjustable leather cock ring range.

A vibrating cock ring provides stimulation for both partners. The ring itself may not provide sufficient pressure to slow down ejaculation, and can be slipped over a non-vibrating ring of the style above.

Usually the ring is placed so the vibrating unit stimulates the clitoris of a female partner during intercourse or the testicles of the wearer and partner for man on man sex.

Sex toy maker Lelo have a wireless rechargeable vibrating cock ring called Tor 2 and D.VICE makes are leather adjustable cock ring with a vibrating bullet called the Bronco.

The anally adventurous man can explore the pleasures of anal stimulation as well. Toys for anal exploration such as a butt plug, prostate massager or anal beads can be sensational and intensify the orgasmic experience.

Start experimenting with adult toys for men now. The opportunities for pleasure are endless.


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