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    A D.VICE Sex Toy Party is a fun and unique way to celebrate a Hen's night and what better way to stock up the 'bride to be' with toys. For Hens Parties we charge a non-refundable fee of $50 plus a refundable deposit of $50 (refunded provided criteria are met) Here are some tips to make your Hen's party a success:

    • If the party is a surprise for the Hen, make sure all the rest of the guests know they are coming to a D.VICE sex toy party.Guests may like to contribute a gift for the Hen. D.VICE is happy to organise a fabulous ‘Honeymoon Pack’ to be available on the night (ask for details when we call to confirm your booking).Another option is that all the guests contribute for D.VICE gift vouchers. This means the Hen can choose her own toys and take them away on the night.If the D.VICE sex toy party is part of a series of Hen's night activities, make sure you allow enough time for the presentation AND for guests to purchase.

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