Exploring new pleasures with double ended dildos from D.VICE

An adult toy that is often forgotten about but offers endless possibilities for penetrative pleasure is the double ended dildo. Double the fun for all sexualities they can be used in various different ways to maximise pleasure for you both.

A double ended dildo has two ends, as the name suggests. There are many shapes and sizes and finding the best fit for you and your partner is part of the fun. For heterosexual couples they can be used vaginally for her and anally for him. For girl on girl action they can be used vaginally at the same time, and for man to man sex play, anally at the same time. Some styles can also offer women anal and vaginal penetration at the same time either for solo play or with your partner.

The Fun Factory Sonic is a quality silicone toy which is very similar at both ends, so that both partners are getting equal stimulation. The Fun Factory New Wave has a ribbed texture on one end and a smooth texture on the other, offering different sensations.

Another option is using a Tryst joining device with and two D.VICE dildos. A Tryst is a small Neoprene harness, designed to connect any two dildos that you choose. This makes it the perfect option for couples who like very different sizes or shapes.

Something a bit different is the Fun Factory Share range of double ended dildos. Described as a ‘strap on without the harness’ they are designed for a woman to wear vaginally. The inserted ‘bulb’ part of the toy massages your g-spot while you pleasure your partner with the shaft. You can always use a Share dildo with a strap-on harness too, to ensure the dildo is firmly held in place.

As always, a good lubricant is essential for maximising pleasure, and D.VICE has a selection for you to choose from. For vaginal play we recommend the Probe range which is water based and feels like your natural lubrication. For any sort of anal play, LubeXXX is an ideal lubricant the unique water and silicone formula is perfect for the anus which is not self lubricating.

Take your time to choose your double ended dildo together. The perfect toy for couples who love penetration a double ender is really double the fun!


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