Fabulous Sex Toys Every Couple Should Try

Spicing up your sex live with adult toys may be new to you but can provide you with pleasure and great sexual satisfaction during love making. Adult toys are fun to play and experiment with and they can also help both partners reach orgasm.

Sex Toys NZ for Teasing

A blindfold can provide sensual stimulation in the bedroom by heightening other senses. When you wear a blindfold, you sense of sight is impaired so what you feel, hear and even smell is greatly heightened. This can certainly help you get more pleasure from foreplay and from lovemaking.

How about rude food? You can try an erotic massage with flavoured massage oil which smells and tastes delicious. Another option is our chocolate body paint which can be applied and licked off all parts of the body.

Lubricants are essential to fun and safe play during sex. You will find that the use of a lubricant will ease any discomfort you may experience and may make sex more enjoyable in general. There are many types of lubricant to choose from and the choice is completely up to you. You will find that a water based lubricant such as Probe is a great option as it is compatible with toys and condoms.

Sex Toys for Both Partners

Vibrating cock rings are a fantastic couple’s toy as they provide stimulation to both partners and can help for longer lovemaking. The cock ring traps blood in the penis which lends itself to longer lasting erections and more intense orgasms, while the vibrating motor in the cock ring provides fantastic direct clitoral stimulation to bring her to orgasm.

The We-vibe 3 remote controlled sex toy for couples is one of the latest and greatest items in the adult toy world. This cleverly designed discreet toy provides a gentle vibrating massage to his shaft to her clitoris and g-spot while making love. The smaller arm is placed inside the vagina while the larger end sits outside on the clitoris. When the penis is inserted, this causes the arm inside the vagina to push up and into the g-spot providing direct stimulation to this area. You can use the toy even in the shower as it is perfectly waterproof.

You could even try a harness and dildo if you want to experiment further. This can provide stimulation for both partners as both male and females are able to wear a strap-on. Experiment with these and other great sex toys such as butt plugs, sex swings and restraints. The opportunities for bed fun are endless.


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