Fun Sex Toys for Women - Ideas for Beginners

Are you ready to explore the exciting world of sex toys? Do you want to experience more pleasure and new sexual sensations?

But where to start? The selection of sex gear can be overwhelming as there is so much to choose from and it can be hard to know how to introduce sex toys into your relationship with a partner. Here are some helpful ideas to get you started.

Sex Toys for Solo Play

Exploring using a sex toy on your own can give you confidence and help you to learn more about your own sexual pleasure and orgasm potential.

A classic silicone dildo can be great starting point for a beginner who enjoys penetration. A dildo has a great shape and feel, they are simple to use and easy to clean and care for. D.VICE makes a range of 100% silicone dildos that are flexible, strong and come with a 10 year guarantee. 100% silicone dildos do not absorb body fluids, can be cleaned with hot soapy water and even boiled to sterilise.

When using a sex toy on your own you can pleasure yourself at your own pace and unleash your fantasies. One important tip for beginners is to be careful with size, particularly width. You can always start with a smaller size and increase as you gain more experience.

A clitoral vibrator is a fabulous choice for women who are just starting out with sex toys. Clitoral vibrators are often compact and designed to take travelling or around and about in your handbag. A good clitoral vibrator has a good range of intensity both powerful and gentle. As over 80% of women require direct clitoral stimulation to orgasm, clit vibators are an effective way of exploring your orgasms and can be sued during sex with a partner.

Lipstick vibrators are true classics and have improved greatly in intensity in recent years. The Salsa and Tango by e-Vibe and the Mia by Lelo are great examples of lipstick vibrators. Other popular clitoral vibrators are the We-Vibe Touch and Siri by Lelo.

Vibrators that combine clitoral and internal stimulation are very popular with women. The classic rotating ‘Rabbit’ style vibrator, made famous by Sex and the City and the sensational rechargeable combination vibrators such as Paul & Paulina by Fun Factory and Ina and Soraya by Lelo are built for orgasm. D.VICE has a great range of long term favourites and the latest on the market, all made from skin friendly, phthalate free silicone.

Versatile Sex Toys

Many adult toys can be used for both solo and partner-play however some are more suited to using with a lover. Popular styles of sex toys couples can use together are the We-Vibe - worn by her to stimulate both during intercourse. Vibrating cock rings are also a favourite for couples and are worn by him during intercourse or penetrative sex.

The ring goes to the base of the penis or the full tackle and provides clitoral stimulation and shaft and ball stimulation during intercourse and come in all shapes and sizes. We recommend the wireless or 2 by Lelo, compact, rechargeable and sensational.

Women can really enhance their sexual experience by using sex toys alone or with a partner. Intercourse alone is unlikely to bring most women to orgasm, an adult toy can be discreet and sensational and bring pleasure again and again and again.


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