G-Spot Vibrators

Many women a curious about the g-spot and want to know how to find it and how to reach a g-spot orgasm.

The g-spot is an area of spongy tissue on the front of the vaginal wall. If your partner were to insert her/his fingers into your vagina and hook them back in a ‘come hither’ motion, they would be very close to the right spot.

When a woman is aroused, the tissue swells and the area is more easily stimulated. Women also have glands in this area that can secret a clear fluid during sex, often known as squirting or ejaculating, and often associated with g-spot stimulation and orgasm.

The most common sensation women report when the g-spot is stimulated is a strong sensation of wanting to pee. If you can breathe past this intense sensation you can relax and build up to an amazing g-spot orgasm.

G-spot vibrators and sex toys are hooked in shape and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They do not need to vibrate in order to stimulate the g-spot, however this can add to the sensation and be very pleasurable.

You or your partner can lever the vibrator on to your g-spot when you are on your back or try hooking it down on to the g-spot when you are on your knees or your side.

Many g-spot vibrators have pulsating as well as vibrating pleasure modes that can be truly sensational for g-spot play.

Popular G-Spot Vibrators

Popular g-spot vibrators are;

  • The We-Vibe II, worn while making love, the We-Vibe will vibrate on the clitoris and g-spot whilst your partner penetrates you with a penis or dildo.
  • Gigi – an elegant and super quiet as well a super powerful g-spot vibrator from Swedish sex toy maker LELO.
  • Tiger, a stylish and stimulating g-spot vibrator from German sex toy maker Fun Factory. Tiger is ribbed for extra sensation and is rechargeable and quiet.
  • The Delight, also by Fun Factory, this is the ultimate in g-spot sensation and can be used by both women and men-for prostate play.

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