Getting More Sexual Pleasure with Anal Toys

For many people anal play is still considered taboo, and so it can be challenging to find out just how to have safe and pleasurable bum fun. The anal area is just another erogenous zone, a part of your body regardless of gender or sexual orientation that can feel fantastic if stimulated in the right way. If you enjoy anal play or would like to try it, this does not indicate you have any particular sexual orientation. Women and men, heterosexual, bisexual, gay or lesbian can and do enjoy anal play.

The anal area is rich in sensitive nerve endings which can provide a lot of pleasure when stimulated using safe guidelines and lots of lubricant. A full sensation can feel amazing as can the stretching and relaxing of the sphincter muscles. Many women can actually orgasm from anal stimulation! For guys there is also the P-spot which is sometimes known as the male G-spot. This is stimulation of the prostate gland through the wall of the rectum and can feel sensational and provide deep and satisfying orgasms for men.

Anal play need never be painful. Of course it must always be consensual and good communication is a must. Start small with a petite butt plug such as the D.VICE silicone Pendant or Jewel, or with fingers wearing a latex glove. Always apply ample amount of lubricant and the anal area does not self lubricate. Lube XXX is an excellent lubricant to use for anal pleasure. Go slow! If the muscles tense up, relax and gently push through to insert the toy. Always use toys designed for anal play, so that a part of the toy remains outside the body at all times. You can lose toys anally!

If you feel you would like to work up to being able to accept your partners penis, or a larger anal toy such as a D.VICE silicone dildo or a vibrating toy such as the Trumpeter, make sure you warm up the anal muscles with a small toy first. If you feel any pain, pause, focus on relaxing and apply more lube. If anal play hurts then, go back to a smaller toy, and slowly up size.

Most of all –enjoy and have fun exploring anal pleasure. Ensure bum fun feels great for both partners and you’ll be able to enjoy an amazing array of new sensations.


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