Sex Toy Parties - Terms and Conditions


Host = the person who has entered into the contract with D.VICE. The Host is usually the person whose home is the venue of the party.

D.VICE = this is the trading name of the LLM Ltd companies.


  1. All care will be taken by D.VICE to ensure that your party runs as smoothly as possible. We have many years experience presenting information about sex and sex toys, and the sex toy products. We are aware that the best parties, where everyone has a great time, are the ones where the host has taken care to ensure that they have met all of their responsibilities in organising the party.D.VICE make no claim to be experts in the area of sex and sexuality, and give only broad overview information about this topic.The party host is responsible for the overall organisation of the party. It is the host's responsibility to ensure that all guests know the nature of the party that they are attending.The Host is required to complete the online booking form. They must provide valid credit card details for the deposit to be authorised, or to arrange another method of payment ie direct credit, in order to secure their booking.

    The Host must provide
  • A smoke free venue, a dining-sized table for display located in the presentation room, a separate private room for purchasing.A power point  in the purchasing room. Please not we no longer accept bookings for parties in hotel rooms.
  • A group of at least 10 people to attend.If you do not have mobile phone coverage in your area you need to notify us as the D.VICE party agent will bring mobile eftpos
  • An on site car park where the agent can unload the party suitcases and park the vehicle for the duration of the D.VICE sex toy party.
The Host must pay a $50 refundable party deposit. The deposit confirms the party booking. You can pay by Bank Transfer to the D.VICE bank account. The deposit will be refunded in the form of a discount off the Hosts purchases if: there are at least 10 guests who have attended the full presentation, AND there has been a minimum of $500 in sales inc GST by the party guests, excluding the Host. 

Your D.VICE party agent will NOT present the D.VICE party if on arrival to the venue the host and/or party guests are intoxicated. If at any time during the evening the party agent is treated disrespectfully by party attendees due to intoxication, the party agent is within her rights to pack up and leave the venue without presenting the party. In this instance the $50 deposit will NOT be refunded.

  1. VENUES; If the party is held in a Bar, Restaurant or private room, private home then Parking MUST be supplied and paid for by the Host of the party.
  2. If a party is held outside of the areas usually serviced by D.VICE, and D.VICE agrees to attend and present at that party, there may be additional conditions and fees required to be met by the host. These will be fully explained and detailed during discussions with D.VICE when the party is arranged.The D.VICE representative (the Sales Agent) will do all possible to ensure that the party is a success. D.VICE do not guarantee this success, and accepts no legal liability regarding this/
    Note: It is possible to host a party without going to great expense.  Many people chose to provide food and/or alcohol for their guests. D.VICE have no preferences for this either way, and accept no responsibility for the costs associated with this.D.VICE will do everything possible to ensure: discretion and confidentiality, fantastic customer service, a professional and informative presentation, the opportunity to purchase on the night, an excellent selection of quality products, the most up-to-date accurate information possible regarding matters sexual is presented at the party, the Sales Agent is at the venue 30 minutes before the party starts, the presentation begins on time, each guest is provided with a current D.VICE catalogue free of charge, when it is available.It is the responsibility of D.VICE to comply with the requirements of the Fair Trading Act and Consumer Guarantees Act at all times.D.VICE does not promise or guarantee your success
  3. D.VICE cannot promise you a particular level of sales or discount. All figures provided are an estimate only and will vary from party to party. The figures do not take into account factors which may influence your party turnover.D.VICE does NOT guarantee: volume of sales, number of guests attending, level of sales your party will achieve, amount of costs incurred by the host (excluding the party deposit), the social success of the party.Waiver of liability: neither D.VICE nor anyone else is liable for information contained in this document that is out of date.Potential problems: despite inviting many people, most Hosts find that not everyone turns up on the night. This is not something that D.VICE can influence, but we do recommend that the Host invites more people to the party, rather than less. Generally, the most socially and financially successful parties are those where there are 15-20 guests. If there are less than 10 people attending the party, the party deposit will be payable, and will be processed on the night of the party.D.VICE will work with you: D.VICE cannot predict which parties will succeed or fail, but we will work with the Host with the aim of facilitating success. D.VICE now has a lot of party experience and is committed to offering this knowledge to Hosts.All activity subject to professional and service standards: All activities performed under the D.VICE brand name are subject to the D.VICE professional and service standards.Customer surveys: D.VICE will periodically perform customer surveys (usually phone or mystery shopper) in order to give feedback to the Sales Agent on their customer service levels. In the case where feedback is not positive, D.VICE and the Sales Agent will discuss the results and work through a plan to improve service.No stock guarantees: D.VICE do not know what actual stock availability will be on the night of your party. D.VICE provides no guarantees and is not responsible about the availability of stock items on the night.Internet and Mail Order: D.VICE has a well-developed internet and mail order business. Any sales after the party by guests are not included in the Host party takings statistics.Dispute resolution: if a dispute arises, D.VICE is prepared to mediate and conciliate with the Host or their representative.If the Host is found to be in default of the Party Agreement, D.VICE will issue the Host with written notice of this. The Host then has 30 days to remedy the default.Consequences of failing to remedy: if the Host does not remedy the default, they will be deemed to be in breach of contract. D.VICE may chose to take appropriate legal action to remedy the dispute.If D.VICE are in breach of contract, the Host must notify D.VICE of this, giving 30 days to remedy. D.VICE will follow the dispute resolution process. If the Host is still not satisfied, they may provide written notification and take appropriate legal action.Best intentions: all disputes must be attempted to be resolved by conciliation.Postponement by the Host: The Host may cancel or postpone the party if D.VICE have breached an essential term of the agreement and it is not remedied after 30 days, or within an appropriate time frame. D.VICE may agree to postpone and rebook the party, retaining the rights to the party deposit, at their discretion. D.VICE may choose to process the party deposit if the party is postponed indefinitely, or more than two consecutive times.Postponement by D.VICE: D.VICE may cancel or postpone the party if the Host has not complied will all aspects of the Party Agreement. They may also cancel or postpone if there is a staffing issue that was not practicably avoided. In this instance the contract is voided.D.VICE Parties cannot be held in conjunction (or on the same night) with another non D.VICE party plan company such as a jewellery, alcohol, lingerie party plan. If you are intending to have other party plan providers before or after a D.VICE party you must notify D.VICE when making your booking/

    Disclaimer: information given in this document is given in good faith. It has not been audited by an independent analyst. If you or anyone else should find anything wrong with the contents, please contact D.VICE email info@dvice/co/nz
  4. More information: for further information about parties, contact the party administrator party@dvice/co/nz   

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