Prostate Health and Pleasure for Men

Here we cover backyard fun for men who like to play with power tools. Growing awareness about Prostate Health has produced a range of prostate massagers designed for and by men, that are both good for your prostate health and best of all can be intensely pleasurable! As a result many men of all sexualities are now enjoying the pleasures of prsotate stimulation both alone and with partners.


An Orgasm a Day can keep Prostate Cancer at bay/

An Australian study (the results of which were published in the August 2003 issue of the British Journal of Urology) concluded that men who masturbate on a regular basis between the ages of 20 and 50 are less likely to develop prostate cancer later in life. In fact, men who masturbate to ejaculation more than five times per week are a third less likely to develop the disease. Since prostate fluid can store carcinogens in addition to good things like potassium and zinc, regular ejaculation has a cleansing effect, since it's flushing out the bad and replacing it with the good. Also prostate stimulation has been practiced amongst some cultures for hundreds of years to ensure good prostate health. Toxins can get stored in prostatic fluid so if the prostate regularly releases this it cleanses the toxins.

 Do guys have a G-spot?

Guys definitely have a G-spot which is aptly named because of its ability to produce earth shattering orgasms for men. Also known as the P-spot, stimulation of this highly erogenous zone can be extremely pleasurable for men of all ages and sexualities (that's heterosexual guys too). Stimulating the P-Spot involves anal play, so some men are reluctant to try it because of cultural attitudes that paint it as 'taboo' behavior/  Anal sex involves some of the most pleasurable sexual sensations that men can experience. If you're one of those guys who are clenching your butt cheeks together at this very moment, RELAX! The anal area is just another erogenous zone to explore and enhance your sex play. Many heterosexual men engage in male G-spot play with their wives and female partners. One common misconception is that if a guy is keen to experiment with anal play it indicates he is gay or bisexual. This is totally untrue and at D.VICE we are finding increasing numbers of our heterosexual male customers are keen to explore male G-spot pleasure. Of course many gay and bisexual men enjoy G-spot pleasure too.

Men are able to orgasm from G-spot stimulation alone and many guys report a much more intense sensation of orgasm/ The terms mind blowing and earth shattering are often used by men talking about their newly discovered pleasure zone. What are you waiting for?

Location location/

The male G-spot is actually referring to stimulation of the prostate gland (view image) through the wall of the rectum/ The prostate gland sits below the bladder and surrounds the urethra. It's located anally through the anterior wall of the rectum about 5-7 cm in heading towards the front of the body. When men are aroused the prostate often swells. It can feel firm, and may be about the size of a walnut.

How to stimulate the male G-spot

Incorporating male G-spot stimulation into your masturbation repertoire is a great way to both find your P-spot and discover what kind of sensation drives you wild

  1. Go it alone/ We recommend that you fly solo for your initial prostate probe, so you are in total control of the pace and depth of your explorations.
  2. Relax and clean up/ Ensure you have emptied your rectum by going to the toilet. A warm shower with some added soapy attention to the anal area is a great way to relax and can also help lessen any apprehensions you may have about encountering feces, as will the use of a latex glove.Add lubricant/ A good quality lube and smooth fingernails are must for successful prostate stimulation. Since the anus does not self-lubricate, you'll want to use generous amounts of a good quality lube. Lube XXX which is a combined silicone and water-based lubricant is an excellent option.Easy does it/ With lube on your fingertip and your anus, gently stimulate the external anal area to get it used to touch. Press gently on your anus opening allowing 10-30 seconds for your sphincter muscles to relax. Once they do your finger should pop in.If you feel discomfort stop. If you continue to insert when the anal muscles are contracted it may be painful so wait again for the muscles to relax.Explore/ Once inside, curve your finger toward your belly button, and feel for a textured, ridged area about 5-7 centimeters inside. The prostate is often described as similar to that of the surface of a walnut.Experiment/ Prostates enjoy a variety of sensations from firm pressure to rhythmic movement to vibrations, so try some different movements until you find your favorite.Add toys/ Toys that are designed for prostate massage are ideal for male G-spot stimulation and can be easier to maneuver than your hand. Always ensure toys are designed for anal play and that for safety a part of the toy always remains out side the body
  3. Add partners/ Once you know what you like, it'll be that much easier to show your lover how to please you!

Toys for Boys

When shopping for a potential P-Spot toy, keep in mind that many G-Spot toys also make good prostate toys,and that a curve toward the tip is the key feature to look for. A toy that is firm and smooth will deliver greater pressure and if it has a handle this will make for easy manipulation. Medical grade plastic, acrylic, glass or silicone are all excellent materials for male G-spot toys.  

Lubricant is essential so make sure you stock up. Start off with your finger (or your partners) wearing a latex glove and then progress to a silicone buttplug.

Buttplugs are designed to give a full sensation anally and have an oval base to fit comfortably between the butt cheeks. A buttplug can be worn during other forms of sex play and if a vibrator is held against the base you'll be smiling.

Prostate massagers are just for men and are designed specifically to massage and stimulate the male G-spot. Often these are non vibrating as it is the massage, rather than vibration that many men find stimulating.

Anal Vibrators Introducing vibration can add intensity and be very sensational and men who are confident with prostate play often move on to a toy that vibrates. These vibrators are often designed for prostate stimulation. Who said vibes were just for women?

Silicone Dildos/ Silicone is a non porous, flexible and long lasting material, ideal for anal play. D.VICE manufactures a range of silicone toys and we also stock some great double dildos for partner play/ you can choose shapes from Smooth,   Realistic or designed for double dildos designed penetration of both partners.

Glass Dildos are made from shatterproof glass, can be heated and cooled and are highly sensational. The Serpentine is an acrylic G-Spot unisex toy and is great for prostate massage too.

Strap-on Harness The next step is to explore the adventures of strap-on play with your partner. Whilst this whole concept may seem challenging for many guys it's often a huge turn on for men to be the receptive partner and many couples are discovering the joys of strap-on play.

So you're ready to 'bend over boyfriend'? The next step is to invest in a quality silicone dildo and strap on harness combination. D.VICE have been manufacturing quality harnesses and silicone dildos for almost a decade and D.VICE dildos are sold all over the world.
Your girl is spoilt for choice with the fantastic range of harness styles to choose from. If the leather look turns you on then the Groover and Hipster are sexy options/ 
If the cowboy theme is more your style, check out the Rangler or for the surfie look the Beachcomber is waterproof (made from neoprene) and ideal for water play!

Innuendo/ Using an anal relaxant gel such as Innuendo can really enhance your experience of G-spot sensation/ Designed to be massaged onto the anus before penetration this product helps to relax and condition the anal muscles. It's essential that this is combined with safe anal play technique and lubricant but is definitely a popular option for those indulging in strap-on play.

 Nexus Range
This ingenious prostate massager gives firm massaging pressure to the male G-spot and the clever ball bearing simulates a licking sensation on the perineum. Made from medical grade plastic the Nexus is available in a few different models to suit both those new to G-spot play and experienced players. The Nexus Glide is the slimmer model whilst the Nexus Excel is more substantial. The clever designer incorporates a handle that can be manipulated either by your self or your lover to increase the incredible sensation.

Stubby Silicone Unisex Vibrator
Fantastic for anal play the hooked end on the Stubby vibe delivers exquisite vibration for male G-spot pleasure. The controls are intelligently designed so they can be operated easily with one hand and the silky smooth silicone is flexible and warms to the body temperature. Designed & manufactured by Fun Factory in Germany the Stubby is am essential vibe for every toolbox.

So you're ready to 'bend over boyfriend'? The next step is to invest in a quality silicone dildo and strap on harness combination. D.VICE have been manufacturing quality silicone dildos for almost a decade in New Zealand and D.VICE dildos are sold all over the world. Your girl is spoilt for choice with the fantastic range of harness styles to choose from. If the leather look turns you on then the Groover and Hipster are sexy options. If the cowboy theme is more your style, check out the Rangler or for the surfie look the Beachcomber is waterproof (made from neoprene) and ideal for water play!

Anal health

People are often worried about coming into contact with fecal matter during anal play. The reality is if you have a healthy digestive system and go to the loo regularly you should be fine. Make sure you empty you rectum before engaging in anal play. One option is to use a douche to clean the rectum before anal play. A enema or douche kit has a small bulb that you fill with warm water. You gently insert the tube into the anus and squeeze the water into the rectum, then empty into the toilet. It's not advisable to douche too regularly as you can strip the bowel of healthy bacteria. Another concern is that anal sex will result in incontinence in later life. This is not true as long as you are following safe anal play guidelines. You are stimulating and exercising the anal muscles therefore keeping them toned and developing more awareness and control.

To learn more about anal play for men and women check out SEX INFO or head to D.VICE Advice to listen to an informative radio show or podcast.

Safe sex & cleaning toys

  • Always use a condom & lube for anal penetration with a penis 
  • Using a condom on toys makes cleaning a breeze
  • Use latex gloves for penetration with the fingers
  • Always use toys that have non porous surface
  • Clean toys with a mild antibacterial soap, rinse and air dry
  • Silicone toys can be dipped in boiling water to sterilize
  • Always clean toys thoroughly if sharing between partners
  • Never go from anal to vaginal play without washing the toy or changing condom or glove

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