Recommended Lubricants For Sex Toys

Lubricant is an essential ingredient to any sex toys collection. Like the oil in your car, lubricant should be so non-intrusive and effective that you don’t even notice it is there…except for making sex a better and more pleasurable experience.

At D.VICE we mainly recommend lubricants that are tasteless, colourless and hypo-allergenic. We support sex toy brands that have done their homework and have tested their products…not on animals…to ensure that they are unlikely to cause a skin or membrane reaction.

A good lubricant needs to have good lubricating properties, feel smooth and be hardwearing, it should not stain, have no colour, flavour or sugars added and not dry tacky or sticky. It should work equally well inside the body and on sex toys.

Many lubricants are flavoured and coloured and cause thrush - often identified as a stingy feeling- and other discomfort.

Lubricants D.VICE recommends for sex toys

Lubricants usually come as either water based or silicone based and both styles have quite unique properties.

Water-based lubricant tends to be more natural. We recommend it for women as their main lubricant as it washes out of the vagina and there are natural and organic options available.

For different life stages you may need a different consistency of lubricant. For example menopausal women and women who have had cervical surgery or who have had a hysterectomy are likely to notice they will need more lubricant and possibly a thicker lube than premenopausal women. Most water-based lubricants, even those that are not very good, are compatible with all sex toys.

The water-based lubricant brands recommended by D.VICE are:

  • Probe; uses grapefruit seed extract as the preservative, 2 consistencies –silky light and thick rich. Probe is compatible with body fluids and only a small amount is required. It is tasteless and colour free and our top selling lubricant. (Not tested on animals). Uses vegetable glycerine.
  • Yes Organic lubricant is 100% organic and has a lovely consistency, it is a gel like lubricant and is hypo-allergenic, glycerine and paraben free (Not tested on animals).Astroglide has a silky consistency and is a very popular lubricant, glycerine and paraben free

The silicone lubricant recommended by D.VICE is;

  • Lube XXX; Lube XXX is a silicone and water-based lubricant. This means it enjoys the hardwearing and silky smooth consistency of a silicone lubricant and can be washed out of the body and off silicone sex toys. Most other silicone lubricants are not compatible with silicone sex toys. Lube XXX is suitable for both vaginal and anal play, is hypoallergenic and has a minimal taste.
  • Products we do not recommend using as a lubricant;

    These types of products may be absorbed through the delicate membranes of genital area, may be difficult to wash off and are often not compatible or hard to clean off you sex toy.

    • Any kind of oil especially petroleum base oils such as baby oil or Vaseline
    • Massage oils
    • Skin creams

    Self-pleasure sex toys for men


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