Recommended Sex Toy Brands

At D.VICE we have spent more than a decade testing and trialling brands of sex toys and negotiating with manufacturers to offer customer better products with longer guarantee periods.

When we started D.VICE in 1998, sex toys were generally made of poor quality materials, were often phallic shapes, had no warranties and, in the case of vibrators, were very noisy.

Sex toy technology has come a long way since then and as sex toys have become more mainstream so quality manufacturers have come on board.

Quality Sex toys are designed to be elegant, discreet, quiet and long lasting. Materials are skin friendly, easy to clean and many styles are waterproof. Women have been consulted in the development sex toys and there are new releases of sex toys to stimulate just about anywhere.

At D.VICE our preferred sex toy brands are:

Fun Factory sex toys

Fun Factory are a German manufacturer and around 99% of their products are made in Germany. The material of their vibrators, dildos and anal toys is 100% skin friendly silicone and they have adorable designs.

Fun Factory toys are all about fun and pleasure and they have made the first truly remarkable vibrator for male masturbation, stylish and masculine…the Cobra Libre.

Fun Factory has a 12 month warranty on all their products and we totally recommend them.

We-Vibe sex toys

We-Vibe have revolutionised the couples sex toy market with the We-Vibe2. The number one selling couples sex toy in the world, the We-Vibe 2 can be worn during lovemaking to stimulate both partners. We-Vibe are a Canadian company and their products are available worldwide. All rechargeable, low noise and made from skin friendly silicone.

LELO sex toys

LELO incorporate Swedish designs with great form and function. Elegant, quiet, rechargeable and made from skin friendly materials, Lelo sex toys are designed for pleasure. They incorporate thoughtful features such as a travel or kiddie lock, and great shapes for stimulating every nook and cranny.

New quality Sex toys

Now the standard has been set we are seeing more quality sex toys come to the market and will test over time and see if they come up to the mark.

LEAF is a new brand, exploring the ECO market, with stylish designs and recycled packaging. Bathmate is a new concept in penis pumps, the hydro penis pump that could change the penis pump market for the better.

The BodyWand is a new release on the American sweetheart, the Hitachi Wand.

Leave it to us

Fortunately for you, the consumer, we can do those arduous hours of product testing and deal with the failures and climaxes, to bring you the top of each class of sex toys.

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