Safe Sex

Practising Safer Sex can be sex and pleasurable. Taking a fresh angle on safe sex and making it a fun part of your sex life, rather than seeing it as a chore, will ensure that you play safe every time and protect you and your partner/s.

Why Safe Sex?

  • To look out for ourselves and our sexual partners.
  • To help prevent any sexually transmitted diseases.Because it's fun, playful and sexy!

When safe sex?

During any sex that involves potential contact with blood, vaginal juices or cum. How?

  • Use condoms and lubricant if you're having sex with a guy or sharing sex toys.
  • Use latex dams or plastic food wrap during oral sex with women and for anal rimming.Use latex gloves/condoms and lubricant for vaginal or anal penetration with fingers.

    It's always going to be about choices - know what yours are.

    Gloves & Dental Dams

    The glove provides a barrier between possible cuts in the skin and body fluids such as cum and blood.

    The dam provides a barrier between possible sores or cuts in your mouth (which can be caused by simply brushing your teeth!) and body fluids such as cum or blood. View our safe sex products.


    The condom is a barrier between possible cuts and sores in the mouth and body fluids such as cum or blood. Change the condom if switching from anal to vaginal penetration. Condoms are also effective birth control.

    We recommend using lubricant with a condom. This will reduce the possibility of condom breakage and makes sex more enjoyable.

    Wear a condom when having penetrative vaginal or anal sex with a female or male partner. Also wear one if you are having oral sex (a blow job).

    When sharing toys, always use a condom or wash the toy thoroughly between uses. If using for vaginal and anal play, change condoms between use. Condoms also make it easy to care for the cleanliness of your sex toys. Find out more about cleaning and caring for your toys. View our safe sex products.

    If you want to know more about safe sex contact us or Google to find your local sexual health clinic or AIDS organisation.


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