Self-pleasure sex toys for men

Sexual arousal and pleasure is unique to each individual and regardless of whether sex is between consenting adults or with yourself, there are boundless options for pleasure.

The quality and range of self-pleasure sex toys has greatly increased in the last 2-3 years and we, at D.VICE NZ, are pleased to be able to recommend the following selection of sex toys for men.

The Cobra Libre: a sex toy just for men

This is the first true vibrator designed to stimulate the penis, designed for and used by men. These are excellent sex toys for men looking to go beyond traditional masturbators (sex toys that move up and down the shaft).

Placed over the head of the penis, the Cobra Libre feels like it is squeezing and massaging the penis, without moving it up and down the shaft.

The Cobra looks feels and sounds like a sex toy for men. With deep throbbing vibrations, changing tempos and smooth controls, the Cobra can be a challenge well worth trying for the man looking to expand his solo sex experience. And the Cobra can be a hot turn on for your lover, watching yourself being sexually stimulated.

Guys talk about the sensation stimulating a different pleasure sensation in the brain, at first this can be a little elusive and orgasm hard to achieve. Practice makes perfect and for men up for a challenge, there are sensational rewards.

If you are quick-fix kind of a guy, this is not the sex toy for you. If you know all about traditional masturbation and are up for something new and different then definitely give the Cobra Libre a go!

The Cobra sex toy specs;

The Cobra Libre is made by German sex toy maker Fun Factory - and yes it is made in Germany. The Cobra is a rechargeable sex toy using a magnetic charging system and is made from skin friendly silicone and plastics. This submergible sex toy can be easily washed in hot soap and water and we recommend using only water-based lubricant (Probe or Astroglide) or a silicone compatible silicone lubricant such as LubeXXX.

The Cobra Libre vibrator has a 12 month warranty and a full replacement warranty on the charger.

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