Sex and Diabetes

It is estimated that 285 million people across the globe will live with diabetes in 2011.

If you are diabetic, your doctor will provide information about eating well and exercising to feel your best but often the potential sexual problems related to the disease aren't discussed with your doctor.

Sexual problems related to diabetes affect both men and women. One study reported 44% of patients said diabetes affects their ability or desire to have sex.

If you or a loved one are diabetic, this article will provide an overview of some common issues and suggestions for help.


Twenty-five percent of all women with diabetes will experience some sort of sexual problem due to the disease. Women's sexual satisfaction is typically affected by:

  • Lack of Lubrication

Lack of lubrication can be caused by nerve and blood vessel damage preventing blood flow. Using a lubricant is an easy and quick solution to this problem.

We recommend water based lubes including Probe. Probe has been designed to mimic the body's own lubrication and is very natural feeling. It's hypoallergenic, safe to lick without a taste, doesn't stain sheets or have an odour.

Women can also use clitoris pumps to draw blood to the clitoris (just like the guys with penis pumps!) which helps with lubrication. These are often hand operated vacuum pumps which use suction to pull blood to the genitals. They are lots of fun and depending on which pump you purchase, can use them on your nipples. Some people have seen a slight (temporary) increase in the size of their clit!  It's always good to check with your doctor before using a pump.

  • Loss of Libido

Lack of sexual desire can be attributed to mulitiple causes including poor blood glucose control, lack of blood flow and psychological issues.

PURR Clitorial Arousal Gel is proven to promote clitoral responsiveness. It results in longer, more powerful and intense orgasms with most women. The active ingredient encourages the blood vessels in the clitoris to dilate therefore causing the clit to become fully aroused. Our customer feedback demonstrates that PURR gel can promote increased personal lubrication, enhanced sensation plus easier and more orgasms!

Another product we have great customer feedback on is Lavigra. Lavigra is a natural herbal dietary supplement designed to enhance libido and sexual response. It is all natural and contains a combination of vitamins and herbs to stimulate libido levels. It's a good idea to consult with your doctor before taking herbs and vitamins/  Lavigra should not be used if you have a heart condition.

If it's been a while, you may find you need to ease into getting into the mood. Try snuggling with your partner, massages and reading erotic stories.

  • Thrush . Yeast Infections

Diabetics can be susceptible to thrush especially if you are still working to get control over your blood glucose. We recommend staying away from  lubricants which contains sugar/  Flavoured lubes often contain sugar/  Try a silicone or water based lubricant.

  • Painful sex

Painful sex is often contributed to either lack of lubrication or Thrush/Yeast Infections.


Fifty percent of all men with diabetes will experience some sort of sexual problem due to the disease. Men's sexual satisfaction is typically affected by:

- Erection problems

Erection problems can be caused by nerve and blood vessel damage preventing blood flow to the penis. You should discuss prescription medication with your doctor but there are also toys which can help.

Cock rings are a strap or ring that is worn around the base of the penis, the balls only, or around the penis and balls (ie full tackle). Wearing one around the base of the penis assists most with blood flow and feels good! How does it work? Blood flow enters the erectile tissue in the penis through arteries inside the shaft, and leaves it through veins on the outside. Therefore putting pressure on the base can help achieve erection and maintain larger and harder erections (ie, bloodflow continues but more is kept within the penis).

If the problem is getting blood to the penis at all, penis pumps could be your answer. Penis pumps can temporarily enlarge the penis and create harder erections by drawing blood into the penis. Pumps generally consist of a cylinder that fits over the penis and a pump that creates a vacuum. This dilates the veins and arteries of the penis and the blood vessels in the erectile tissue/  It's always good to speak with your doctor before using a pump.

You may also want to consider Viriliana or EDOil. Virilina is a powerful, natural and herbal pill for men designed to enhance sexual performance. Our customer feedback found that Virilina increased general libido, strength of erection, renewal of erection in the same session and stronger orgasm sensation. Consult with your doctor before taking a herbs/  Virilina should not be used if you have a heart condition.

EDOil is a unique blend of natural oils designed to maximize the bloodflow to your penis. The effect is to make your erection firmer and to intensify the sensation of orgasm for men. Apply EDOil to your penis every day either night or morning and the EDOil will gently penetrate your skin opening the blood vessels and improving blood flow (it is a vasodilator).

- Anxiety

Men will encounter some sort of performance anxiety during their lifetime. It may nervousness and anxiety instead of a circulatory system problem. One way of taking the pressure off performance is to switch to a different erogenous zone - your prostate or scrotum.

The prostate, also called the male g-spot, is located through the front wall of the rectum about 5-7 cms into the anus. Some guys can orgasm purely from prostate stimulation and many say it gives a more intense and whole body sensation of orgasm. Fingers are great for prostate massage and there's a whole range of prostate massaging toys on the market/  Check out the customer reviews on each toy page to see some of the great experiences guys have had.

You may find you need to ease into getting into the mood. Try snuggling with your partner, massages and reading erotic stories.

For both Men & Women

Just like any exercise, sex can cause low blood sugar levels. It's a good idea to test your levels before and after sex plus have a small snack.

For more information, check out this excellent video from 2008 with Janis Roszler discussing the potential impact of diabetes on sexual health, and ways to maintain a healthy, enjoyable sex life/  D.VICE is not affiliated with this video or the people in the video but we do think it's informative.



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