Sex Gear - Small Sex Toys that Can Blow Your Mind

When you think of sex gear, you may imagine phallic vibrators, pornography and masturbators. The world of sex toys has changed in recent year and there are a lot of innovative products being developed that are elegant and effective and stimulating. Compact vibrators are a very popular style of sex toy and many styles are powerful and can generate sensational orgasms. Consider some great picks for your future or present collection.

Sex Gear: Cock Rings and Penis Sleeves

The beauty of cock rings is that they are simple, but can do an excellent job in providing pleasure to both men and women either in lovemaking or on solo play. Men can also use them when masturbating for greater pleasure and to enhance their erection ensuring a longer stronger build up to orgasm.

Women can also use a vibrating cock ring for solo for clitoral stimulation. The vibrating models are ideal for the purpose.

During intercourse, a vibrating cock ring can enhance sensation in any position that you pick.

Penis sleeves can be a lot of fun as well. They are among the simplest items in the sex gear range but they work superbly. They can go over the penis shaft, over a vibrator or dildo and over your finger to add texture, increase length or girth and to provide a softer surface to a hard vibrator. They can bring amazing satisfaction to users in more ways than one.

Sex Gear: Small Vibrating Toys

You can do wonders with a simple vibrating toy. It can be used in numerous ways to help couples and singles discover totally new and unexpected pleasures. These toys are quite compact and totally discreet so you can take them with you anywhere you go. At the same time, they have sufficiently powerful vibration to give you the stimulation that you have always dreamed of. In most cases, you can pick from a range of different modes for teasing, light or intense stimulation. You can also select from various shapes and designs.

Small vibrating toys are extensively used for clitoral stimulation to assist women to achieve powerful orgasms no matter whether they are alone or with a partner.

They can be used all over the female genital area for different kinds of pleasurable sensation.

They do an excellent job in massaging the penis, balls and perineum of men. Their stimulation can provide intense pleasure. These toys are great for nipple stimulation as well.

We recommend adding a small vibrator to your sex toy collection.


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