Sex Toys - 4 Myths about Sex Toys Debunked

The reality is that sex toys have been around for hundreds of years, even though modern day innovation has brought great advancement to the designs, shapes and styles of sex toys. Despite all the great benefits that you can get from these items, many people stick to myths about them that are totally untrue. Believing these myths only prevents you from enjoying an even better sex life. See them debunked to get a completely new view on sex toys.

Sex toys are to be used by one person only/

When most people talk about sex toys, they think of dildos and vibrators for women. The reality is that there are great items for guys as well. The really great thing is that there are many sex toys which can be used to bring more pleasure to both partners. Many people are now taking full advantage of anal stimulators for couples. Couples' vibrators designed to be enjoyed by both partners are among the most popular sex toys and not without reason.

Sex toys prevent you from enjoying sex with a partner/

The reality is that no toy can replace the experience of having sex with a partner. You should not be afraid that you will lose interest in being with someone else just because you have a couple of great sex toys that you can use on your own. The reality is that the two experiences are quite different so you should not worry about one completely replacing the other. Again, you can always play with sex toys when you are together with your partner provided that both of you enjoy this.

Sex toys are not natural and are embarrassing to use/

Some sex toys may look unnatural and kinky, but the reality is that they are quite convenient and comfortable to use. If you do not enjoy one toy or another, you can just stop using it. There is no reason why you should feel embarrassed for using sex toys. Do not think of them as items for people who have a bad sex life or no partner. As long as they make you happy, they are perfectly fine to use.

Sex toys can cause disease and damage to the body/

Sex toys cannot cause disease on their own. Sexually transmitted diseases can be transferred through such items when they are shared by different partners without safety measures being taken. Similarly, these toys are designed to give you pleasure and not to hurt you in any way. They have been specifically tested for safety. Besides, you get detailed instructions on how to use them.


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