Sex Toys for Beginners – Lesbian Couples

So where to start in your foray into sex toys? Have a think about what you might like to experiment with and what you think your partner would be keen to try.

Would your partner like you to take the lead and initiate playing with sex toys (so there is an element of surprise) or would it be a decision you make together?

Do you think playing with a toy for penetration such as a strap-on would be fun? Or would you like a toy to enhance clitoral stimulation and pleasure.

A great place to start in terms of strap-on play is a D.VICE silicone dildo and harness. Think about what size you would both enjoy (most couples end up purchasing at least two different sizes of dildo) and if you would find a smooth dildo more appealing or one that is realistically shaped.

A harness can be adjusted to fit both people within a partnership. Another option is the beginner’s strap-on kit which is a low cost option for those new to strap-on play.

A vibrator designed for external stimulation can be a lot of fun to use together. Toys such as the Laya Spot, Siri are designed to stimulate the clitoris and nipples.

When you are entering the world of sex toys NZ make sure you let go of expectations and communicate with your partner about your desires. You may both get excited about sex toys you least expect, that will add a new dimension to your lovemaking.

Sex Toys For Solo Play – Women


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