Sex Toys for Couples

Thinking of introducing sex toys into your love life? You may be unsure how to introduce a sex toy into your sex life and how best to approach your partner.

Taking a catalogue home may be a good way to introduce the idea of sex toys to your partner, alternatively you might just make a purchase and take it home to get you started.

We recommend starting with sex toys that are simple to use that have a more playful appearance if you are concerned your partner might be unsure. Choosing a sex toy that you can use together –a couples ex toy – indicates that you have thought about your partner’s needs as well as your own.

Sex Toys NZ & Gifts

Giving a sex toy as a gift –opened in privacy- can be a good way of bringing a sex toy to your lover and tells them you are interested in having sex with them. Pick your moment when you are having some intimate together time, or when you are away on holiday together. You can dress for the occasion in sexy lingerie or simply slide into the sheets with sex toy in hand.

Make sure you have everything you need to have your sex toy working properly, ie it is fully charged and tested, you have lubricant on hand and you have had a bit of a play so know what to do with it.

Good sex toys to start you sexual adventures with are;

  • vibrating cock rings –the Naughty Bunny is a popular beginner’s sex toy
  • a compact vibrator for stimulating outside the body such as YOOO or Siri
  • a compact vibrator for internal and external stimulation such as BiMini Flash or Ocean

Next steps;
If your partner responds well to the introduction of sex toys to your love life, this opens up a world of possibilities and you can explore

  • dressing up in lingerie or sexy uniforms and role playing
  • g-spot & p-spot stimulation
  • anal sex
  • bondage and powerplay
  • strap-on play
  • more stimulating couples toys such as the We-Vibe and Delight

Sex toys are not essential to a great sex life. They can and do provide a range of different and pleasurable experiences to enhance your sex life with yourself and with both short and longterm partners.

The Benefits of Skin Friendly Sex Toys


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