Sex Toys For Men

Masturbators are sex toys designed to stimulate the penis. Masturbators are usually designed and shaped to mimic the vagina or anus. The more quality masturbators such as the Fleshlights, are made from materials that offer a ‘real feel’. Fleshlight offers a wide selection of textures within the tube of the masturbator. The soft and spongy material envelopes the penis and with regular use can improve the stamina and performance of men during sex with a partner/

Masturbators are portable, easy to use and clean and make an ideal travel companion for men and can be easily and discreetly kept in a bedside drawer.

Vibrators for men;

There are few vibrators specifically designed for stimulating men. Recently, German sex toy maker Fun Factory, released the ‘Cobra Libre’ is a sex toy specifically designed to vibrate and pulsate against the head of the penis. Our testing boys describe the sensations to feel like the head of the penis is being gently squeezed and the pulsating pleasure modes can vary in intensity.

For men looking for a traditional masturbator, or a quick getting off, this is not the toy for you. For the man looking for a challenge and a completely different type of stimulation, the ‘Cobra Libre’ could be the sex toy for you.

Prostate Massagers;

Prostate massagers are sex toys designed to stimulate the command centres for pleasures for a man, the prostate and perineum. For the anally adventurous man, a prostate massager can give mind blowing pleasure and also be good for you! Regular prostate massage is good for your prostate health. Prostate milking – clearing the prostate gland, can prevent swelling of the prostate that can lead on to health problems for men.

Sex Toys - a brief history


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