Sex Toys for Solo Play – Men

Sex toys NZ: Why would you want sex toys toy to enhance your masturbation play, when your hand does a great job? Well there are some fantastic sex toys designed just for guys, and many men enjoy using these for solo play. Even using a quality lubricant such as Lubexxx for masturbation play can increase your fun and pleasure.

Have you ever thought about using a masturbator? Designed to replicate the sensation penetration or even fellatio, Fleshlight are the world’s most popular men’s sex toys. Available in a variety of designs including vaginal, anal, stealth (a mix of both) there is a shape to suit your fantasy.

The Beaded masturbator is a great starter option and has beads to provide added sensation. Using a masturbator can also allow you to experiment with penetration and increase your sexual stamina.

Have you ever been curious to try prostate massage? The male g-psot can feel sensational for all guys when stimulated and prostate massagers are used by many men as part of solo play. Make sure you give yourself time for prostate play, take it slow, use lots of lube and enjoy.

Playing with sex toys alone gives you the opportunity to try them out and find out what rocks your world. You can then have fun introducing them into your sex play with a partner.

At D.VICE we have a range od sex toys specially designed for men and solo play. Go a head and take a look at our full range.

Rechargeable sex toys – no more batteries!


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