Sex Toys For Solo Play – Women

Sex toys NZ: Western society does not openly encourage or acknowledge that women masturbate, but the fact is many women enjoy self-pleasure on a regular basis/

Solo play can be the best way to experiment with a new toy or sexual technique, and there is evidence to suggest that women who masturbate or use sex toys are less likely to experience issues with lack of desire or low libido/

You can choose exactly what you want for solo play –it’s all about you! When it comes to sex toys, think about what types of sexual stimulation get you the most aroused and what you would like to enhance/

Do you love oral stimulation of your clitoris? Using a vibrator that focuses on clitoral stimulation such as the Siri or Laya Spot along with a natural feel lubricant such as Probe silky light may be the perfect option/

Do you love penetration and have always wanted to experiment with something more substantial? Add a D.VICE silicone dildo such as the Boss to your sex toys pleasure collection/

A vibrator can be a woman’s best friend and many great options are available for both internal and clitoral pleasure. The Lelo Ina or Gigi, Fun Factory Delight or BiMini Flash are all popular favourites. Purr Clitoral Arousal Gel enhances your clitoral sensation as part of solo play and can result in mind blowing orgasms/

Thinking about what really turns you on and indulging in some erotica reading can trigger your fantasies and up the solo pleasure quota.

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