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Vibrators are primarily made from silicone, plastic or latex rubber. However, there are a few issues with using latex rubber and plastic toys. Because latex rubber is more porous than silicone, they can be harder to clean over time as the material starts to absorb fluids and bacteria.

Your sex toys should always be cleaned before and after use, generally with hot soapy water, however it is advisable to use a condom when using latex rubber toys to avoid absorbing fluids, and not sharing with other people. Some also find they have an allergy to latex, which can cause rashes and itching.

Hard plastic toys are generally non-porous, however some latex rubber and plastic toys have been found to contain Phthalates, a chemical thought to contribute to allergies, asthma, cancer, and a plethora of other health concerns. Plastic toys can be washed with hot soapy water; however they cannot be sterilized through boiling.

Alternatively, there are a huge range of silicone sex toys out there, the best of which are those made from medical grade silicone. Medical grade silicone is the same kind of material they use to make good quality implants with, so it has to be pretty safe! Unlike latex rubber it is non-porous so much healthier to use, and can also withstand much higher levels of heat, meaning you can boil your toy to sterilize it (providing it is a non-electronic one!) Silicone is also more enjoyable to use because it heats up to body temperature really quickly, meaning it doesn’t feel so much like a foreign object.

However, ensure when using silicone toys that a silicone based lubricant is not used, as the chemicals can react and degrade your toy. Silicone also transmits vibration really well.

Some newer sex toys are waterproof, making taking care of it infinitely easier. Not only does this mean you can have some fun in the bath, shower, or spa, but it also makes cleaning up super easy. Just give it a wash with hot soapy water, preferably allow it to air dry as opposed to drying with a towel or it will get all fluffy, and make sure you store it in a case or bag. You are good to go!


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