Technological Advancements in Sex Toys

In recent years sex toys in NZ have greatly improved in appearance, materials, engineering and their ability to bring sexual pleasure to women and men.

Technological advancements have made in sex toys designed in Europe and Canada and these new and stylish sex toys are quiet, rechargeable and made from skin friendly silicones and plastics.

Currently sex toys that are popular in New Zealand, and of great quality for couples, are We-Vibe, Lelo, Nexus, and Fun Factory ranges.

Sex Toys from We-vibe

We-Vibe have been designed by a Canadian couple who wanted to make the best couples sex toy in the world and it has taken the world by storm. The We-Vibe II and We-Vibe III, stimulates both partners and is worn while making love.

Couples who experiment with differing sexual positions make the most of this sensational sex toy. The We-Vibe II & III are quiet, rechargeable, water-proof and made from skin friendly silicone and has a 12 month warranty.

Sex Toys from LELO

LELO pleasure objects are designed in Sweden and have all the European elegance and sophistication we have come to know and love. LELO make a range of rechargeable sex toys to suit your sexual needs.

With quiet motors and easy to operate controls, LELO sex toys are sensational. Each year LELO release a small number of new designs for your pleasure and enjoyment.

Sex Toys from Fun Factory

Fun Factory are the made in Germany sex toy range. They make a range of cheeky and stimulating sex toys. Made from skin friendly silicone, Fun Factory has an extensive selection of sex toys for women and men, couples and singles. Fun Factory is constantly improving their range and is moving to a totally rechargeable range of vibrators.

D.VICE stock a great range of sex toys for New Zealand couples and are happy to answer and questions you may have about which sex toys are right for you.

Recommended Lubricants For Sex Toys


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