The G spot

In the 40's & 50's research by the American Kinsey institute confirmed that 98% of women found clitoral stimulation pleasurable.

At the same time a German obstetrician & gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg documented that for women a zone of erogenous feeling was located along the sub-urethral surface of the anterior vaginal wall.

Grafenberg's studies failed to spark much interest and it wasn't until the early 1980's when a sexologist and a nurse John Perry & Beverly Whipple published studies which documented areas of specific vaginal sensitivity. The G-spot became officially recognized. Out of regard for Grafenberg's pioneering work it was named the Grafenberg or G-spot.

Location of the female G-spot

  • Anterior or front wall of the vagina.Tissue surrounding the opening of the urethra.Spongy-like tissue — if has a different texture to the rest of the vaginal wall.It swells and becomes more sensitive during arousal

Stimulating the G-spot for women

  • The G-spot for both women and men becomes more sensitive and swollen during arousal.We initially recommend stimulation with the fingers.It may be possible to self-stimulate for women if they squat.The knees-to-chest position may be good, or on the stomach, or legs apart with hips raised.Use lubricant!!
  • The G-spot for women is stimulated more by firm massaging pressure, rather than light touch or friction.Press behind the pubic bone — the tissue will feel spongy. The G-spot may feel small like an almond or be over a larger area.The G-spot may also be stimulated by fisting or a full sensation//.The initial sensation may feel like you want to urinate.Make sure you have an empty bladder and a towel handy — more for your own peace of mind than anything else.Go through the sensation of wanting to urinate and continue with stimulation.Experiment with what feels pleasurable.Stimulate the clitoris at the same time.Some women will experience G-spot orgasm, which is often described as a more intense and full body sensation.Orgasm is not the goal! G-spot stimulation will often be intense and pleasurable all on its own.Intercourse positions best for G-spot stimulation include where the women is on top or being penetrated from behind.

    Note: Halfway between the G-spot and the cervix is the A-spot (anterior fornex erogenous). This was documented when sexologists in 1996 found this spot enhanced women's vaginal lubrication when stimulated.

Female ejaculation

  • Some women may ejaculate with G-spot stimulation. This may be at the point of orgasm or during stimulation. It's perfectly normal and natural!
  • You may ejaculate a clear fluid similar to semen, without the sperm, from glands either side of the urethra. It's not urine!
  • You may ejaculate in a projectile way — watch out if you're giving oral stimulation!

Location of the male G-spot

  • This is stimulation of the prostate and surrounding tissue.It is located via the rectum.The G-spot is stimulated through the front wall of the rectum, about 5-7 cm in, and heading towards the belly button.It may feel hard and about the size of a walnut.It is sensitive and pleasurable for men of all sexualities.

Stimulation of the G-spot for men

  • Always use lubricant for anal penetration!
  • Initially stimulate with fingers before using toys (wear latex or vinyl gloves).Stimulate the sphincter muscles to relax — penetrate when the muscles contract and wait 10-30 seconds for them to relax.Penetrate 3-5 cm in, then press with a firm pressure towards the front of the body.Apply firm pressure — experiment with firmness and movement.You may feel the sensation of wanting to urinate.Empty your bladder prior and move your way through this sensation.Some men can orgasm just with G-spot stimulation, or stimulate the penis at the same time.For penetration with a strap on or penis, the best position is on the back with knees to chest.

Sex toys for G spot stimulation

  • There are some great toys available specifically designed for G-spot stimulation.In order to put a firm pressure on the G-spot, a firm toy with a curved or hooked end is recommended.Vibration may be pleasurable on the G-spot and there are many vibes designed with a hooked end specifically for this. Check if the vibration is in the end of the vibrator as this is where you want it to be for maximum effect. Good toys include the Regal G and Microbuzz G.A dildo with a curved end may be the right angle for hitting the spot also. Serpentine is a clear acrylic smooth and hard toy which gives you a great angle for getting behind pubic bone and putting firm pressure on the G-spot. It's also great for leverage//.Strong pelvic floor muscles are beneficial for G-spot stimulation, so Love Balls are recommended.
  • For men - always use a good lube for anal stimulation and make sure the toy has a flared base and part remains outside the body.

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