The Most Discreet Adult Toys for Women in NZ

While millions of people use adult toys extensively as part of their sex life, for society as a whole they are still largely considered a taboo. It is natural to look for items which are small and discreet and, if they are accidently discovered, do not look obviously like a sex toy.

The Lelo Mia rechargeable lipstick vibrator is one of the most discreet adult toys you will ever find. It has the size, design and shape of a lipstick so you can keep it discreetly in your handbag and it is recharges via USB. You can charge it using your PC just like you would charge your smart phone or MP3 player. What's more, with Mia, you can enjoy powerful yet gentle clitoral stimulation and fantastic orgasms.

Another great toy is the We-Vibe Touch which you or your partner will be able to hold against the clitoris during sex. Small and discrete, the We-Vibe Touch is the perfect vibrator for the woman who wants a small vibrator with very strong vibration for clitoral stimulation. You will be amazed at the low noise, power and intense vibration you are able to get from such a small toy.

The Lelo Smart Wand vibrator is the ultimate sex toy for the modern woman. It has a design similar to that of a massager so you can take it anywhere with you without worrying about getting it through customs. It can actually give you the deepest and most relaxing massage that will take all the stress and fatigue away from your body and get you in the mood for pleasure. Afterwards, you can use it for super powerful clitoral stimulation. This Lelo vibrator is waterproof so you can use it in the shower anytime you want. It is quiet and this makes it even more discreet and convenient to use.

Many modern vibrators have sleek and elegant designs, are made from skin friendly silky materials and are very low noise. Many quality rechargeable vibrators have a travel lock to ensure they won’t vibrate in your bag, making them perfect for travel.

For most western countries you may travel it is fine to carry sex toys and we would recommend keeping them in your main luggage. For countries with a ban on sex toys, purchasing a disguised sex toy is the best choice.

Enjoy many unforgettable moments of sexual pleasure with these discreet adult toys for women.


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