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Everyday adventurous people like you buy vibrators and other sex toys from D.VICE. Why? Because we have earned a reputation for being a safe place to shop and buy quality vibrators online. Reliability of service and the quality of the vibrators that we provide – for both women and men – are the things we are proud of.

At D.VICE, we are committed to promoting a great range of vibrators and other sex gear in a positive, fun and affirming manner and environment. We achieve this through offering our vibrators online and in our sex gear stores in New Zealand and Australia. Our vibrators are also some of our most popular products at our sex toy parties which happen almost every day throughout NZ and Australia.

Promoting healthy attitudes to sexuality and giving friendly and non-threatening service is our mission.

Did you know that the best vibrators are built with emphasis on the needs and wants of the people just like you. These vibrators have also been trialled and improvements have been made as a result of this testing.

Quality Vibrators

At the beginning in the late 1980s, we started D.VICE because of an opportunity. Our aim was to provide quality vibrators and sex gear to people of all kinds in a setting that they could be comfortable in. That's also when we started to manufacture our own quality sex gear.

As well as buying vibrators from our stores and online, our very own D.VICE products made in our own factory can be bought all over the globe.

If you are on the lookout for a trusted and safe place to buy good quality vibrators and at the same time have a place to access great information about vibrators and sex toy use, then try us!

At the moment, high quality vibrators can be recharged. These vibrators are very quiet and made from silicone or plastic that is gentle on the skin. Many vibrators do not look anything like sex toys. Also some quality vibrator brands & types have other features such being lightweight and water-resistant.

Happy shopping,

Wendy & Ema
Directors of D.VICE


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