Vibrators Recommended by D.VICE

Fun Factory Vibrators

Made in Germany, these are the BMW equivalent in the vibrator world. With powerful quiet motors, playful and stylish shapes, Fun Factory vibes are made from a soft and flexible skin friendly silicone. Silicone is non-porous and does not absorb any body fluids making them easy to clean.

Choose your vibrator based on where you most enjoy stimulation; clitoral, internal-vaginal, g-spot, internal and clitoral or anal pleasure. Fun Factory vibrators offer a range of vibrating speeds and pulsating pleasure modes.

Fun Factory has a selection of both battery operated and rechargeable vibrators. Most of the rechargeable styles are waterproof and all can be thoroughly cleaned using a mild soap and water.

All Fun Factory vibrators come with a 12 month warranty against faults.

New styles of vibrators are released each year.

LELO Vibrators

Designed in Sweden, LELO vibrators are elegant, quiet and feature a range of vibrating and pulsating pleasure modes with speed adjustment within most settings. LELO vibrators are made from skin friendly silicone or medical grade plastics and are both gorgeous and orgasmic. All LELO vibrators are beautifully presented and make a lovely gift.

LELO have recently introduced waterproof styles for those looking for spa and bath fun.

We-Vibe Vibrators

The We-Vibe 4 is currently the top selling couples vibrator in the quality end of the market. Worn by a woman during lovemaking, the We-Vibe is a truly original design and is the only vibrator that stimulates both partners during sex. The We-Vibe 4 is quiet, rechargeable, remote controlled and waterproof and made from skin friendly silicone.

We-Vibe have introduced new styles of vibrators, all rechargeable, waterproof and quiet with powerful multi-speed and pulsating pleasure modes. These styles are Touch-for clitoral stimulation, and Salsa and Tango – compact bullets/lipstick styles.

Rabbit Vibrators

The Rabbit is a style of vibrator, this style of vibrator has been hugely popular for over 20 years and was made very famous by Sex and the City. The Rabbit is ideal for the woman who enjoys internal and clitoral stimulation at the same time.

Rabbits feature a rotating shaft for internal pleasuring and the ‘rabbit ears’ for clitoral sensation.

After years of selling all styles of Rabbit vibrators, we have finally found a good quality vibrator made from skin friendly silicone, splash proof and low noise. Rabbits are still battery operated and rechargeable styles have not yet been developed.

Anal Vibrators

Vibrators designed for safe anal play must have a flared base as the sphincter muscles can pull vibrators into the anal canal. Quality anal vibrators are made from easy to clean materials such as silicone.

Always use a quality water based or silicone compatible lubricant with your anal vibrator.

For more comfortable and pleasurable anal play we recommend using a anal muscle relaxant.

Nexus Anal Vibrators

Nexus anal vibrators are designed mainly for men, with some unisex styles, these are available in a range of sizes and shapes with some excellent prostate massagers. Vibration and pulsation on the prostate can offer men firm erections, a long strong build up to orgasm and mind blowing orgasm. Nexus vibrators can be worn during lovemaking and for solo play. Nexus vibrators are made from skin friendly silicone and are easily cleaned.

Fun Factory Anal Vibrators

Fun Factory have made a small selection of mainly unisex silicone vibrators. These are ideal for intermediate and experienced anal aficionados. They have also recently released a prostate massager Duke. Duke has a unique shape designed to stimulate the prostate and perineum and is rechargeable and waterproof.

LELO Anal Vibrator

LELO have designed one vibrator for anal play. Billy is a slender, gently curved vibrator and is suitable for both men and women beginners. Billy is made from skin friendly silicone, is quiet and has a range of vibrating and pulsating settings. As a rechargeable vibrator, Billy has a range from gentle to powerful vibration.

Rocks Off Anal Vibrators

Rocks Off offer a range or silicone massagers for men in a variety of stimulating shapes designed for prostate and perineum stimulation in a range of styles from beginners through to experienced men who are anally adventurous. These prostate vibrators have cheeky names such as Naughty Boy, Cheeky Boy and Butt Boy.

Clitoral Vibrators


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